Stanley Cup 2015: Anaheim the first team to reach the quarter finals

The Round of 16 in the 2015 Stanley Cup is about to be decided. Many teams are just one game away from elimination. Anaheim Ducks is the first team to reach the quarter finals this year.

Anaheim 5-2 Winnipeg, (4-0)

Anaheim won the Western Conference in the NHL and won four straight games against Winnipeg. However, many of the games were tight histories. Winnipeg were i the lead in game 1 and 2. Game 3 went to Overtime. In the fourth game Anaheim was clearly the better team though and won a clear 5-2 victory.

Ottawa 1-0 Montreal (1-3)

After three straight Montreal wins Ottawa finally managed to win a game through a single goal scored by Mika Hoffman.

Pittsburgh 1-2 (ot) New York Rangers (1-3)

In game four Pittsburgh’s Patric Hörnqvist could score the first goal of the game on his Swedish country man Henrik Lundqvist in the Rangers goal. However, that was the only goal that Lundqvist let in this evening and after the game got tied another Swede stepped forward two minutes into the overtime period and scored the decisive 1-2 goal. Rangers, who were in the final last year, are now one game from advancement to the quarter finals.

Minnesota 1-6 St Louis (2-2)

A tight series between two physical teams suddenly got a bit more open after a goal explosion from St Louis. In the first two periods they scored 6 goals. However, the series is tied 2-2 but this major victory should give St Louis the edge in the coming games.

New York Islanders 1-2 (ot) Washington (2-2)

Nicklas Bäckström in Washington continues to deliver in the playoffs. In the fourth game against the Islanders he assisted Ovetjkin for Washington’s first goal and then scored the decisive goal in overtime himself. The series is now tied and we are looking forward to more tight games between these teams.

Calgary 3-1 Vancouver (3-1)

Vancouver Canucks is in trouble against their Canadian neighbors. There are some rough plays in this series and the question is how Vancouvers stars can stand up to this. The team is dependent on the twin brothers Daniel and Henrik Sedin delivering on the offense.

Chicago 3-2 (ot) Nashville (3-1)

Advantage Chicago before game 5. The fourth game had to go into the third (!) overtime period before Brent Seabrook could score the decisive goals for Chicago. A small disaster for the Swedes of Nashville since all four of them (Järnkrok, Forsberg, Ekholm, Stålberg) were on the ice when the goal was scored..

Detroit 3-0 Tampa Bay (2-1)

An extremely important victory at home for Detroit who has been outshot for two games in a row. Jonathan Ericsson had a good night with two assists, Henrik Zetterberg had one assist. Pavel Datsuyk scored a goal and Petr Mrazek didn’t let in a single goal. Overall, the perfect game from the Red Wings.



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