Champions Hockey League quarterfinals 2015-16

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We have some interesting pairings in the quarterfinals of Champions Hockey League 2015-16. Geographically, it is a rather one-sided affair with three Swedish and four Finnish teams. Swiss Davos is the only other team. The quarterfinals are played as best of two games. The first leg is played December 1 and the second December 8.

Champions Hockey League quarterfinal pairings

Espoo Blues – Oulun Kärpät

The first of two quarterfinals with two Finnish teams. Kärpät should be able to secure a spot in the semifinal. They are one of the top teams in the Finnish league.

TPS – Luuku

The second all-Finnish pairings. Funny thing is, these teams are also at the same side of the playoff tree. That means we will see at least one team from Finland in the final since the winners here will face each other in the semifinal. At the time of writing, the teams are tightly positioned at spot 5 and 4 in the Finnish league. That makes this quarterfinal hard to predict.

Davos – Skellefteå AIK

At the other side of the playoff tree, Swedish Skellefteå are favourites against Swiss Davos. However, it would be nice to see a team from central Europe go far in the Champions Hockey League this year.

Frölunda – Luleå HF

Two Swedish team and a rerun of the final last year where Luleå won the trophy. Luleå have struggled in the Swedish Hockey League this season though. Frölunda at the other hand is at the top. The question is how motivated they are. If we compare the current status of the teams, Frölunda are clearly favourites to advance to the semifinal. However, motivation always beats class and Luleå stated before the start of the season that they aim at defending their tournament win from last year.

If you want to read more about European Hockey we suggest you follow the Euro Hockey Tour which is kind of an European Championship and a way for the participating teams to test their skills before the World Championships. However, all these tournaments pale as the World Cup of Hockey 2016 is back next autumn.

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