Stanley Cup 2015: Match point Tampa and Anaheim

Before game five in the conference finals in the 2015 Stanley Cup both series were tied 2-2 The involved teams has had their up and downs. Now, it was time to decide what teams would get the match point and a chance to get a place in the final.

New York Ranges 0-2 Tampa Bay (2-3)

Tampa Bay has an excellent offensive play with good qualities when everything works out for them. They are lethal i their attacks but tend to leak a bit in their defenses. In the fifth game against the Rangers they completed the shutout in Madison Square Garden. The team played a sacrificing game in front of goalkeeper Ben Bishop. Rangers tried and tried but didn’t manage to get the puck in net. Instead, Valtteri Filippula and Steven Stamkos could decide the game with two quick goals in the second period. Thus, match point Tampa Bay. However, the Rangers have managed to turn the tide from worse positions, for example in the quarterfinals against Washington.

Anaheim 5-4 (ot) Chicago (3-2)

Anaheim looked like they would go towards a comfortable victory, having a 3-0 lead in the first period of game five. When Sami Vatanen did 3-0 after 16:40 Chicago hadn’t got a single shot on goal yet. However, hockey is hockey. With two minutes left of the third period, the standing was 4-2 Anaheim. Then Jonathan Toews stepped forward for Chicago. With 1:50 left of the period, he reduced Anaheim’s lead to 3-4 with a slapshot. Toews also tied the game with 37 seconds to go of regulating time, after a blunder from the otherwise stable Danish goalkeeper Fredrik Andersen in the Duck’s goal. 4-4 and the game went to overtime. However, the sudden death only lasted 45 seconds when Jakob Silfverberg could serve his team mates a 2 against 1. Ryan Kesler shoot the puck at Corey Crawford’s left pad and Matt Beleskey could score on the rebound. A smart play by Kesler. Match point Anaheim.


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