Results, seventh day of the IIHF World Junior Championships

The last round of the group stage in the IIHF World Junior Championships was played at New Years Eve and here are the results:

Canada 5-3 USA
Germany 0-2 Finland
Switzerland 1-5 Sweden
Russia 1-4 Czech Republic

Analysis of the seventh day:

We enjoyed some great action between Canada and USA yesterday. Fast phased-hard-hitting hockey where Canada managed to wear down their opponents. USA came back in the end but overall Canada was the better team and they are huge favourites for winning the gold medal.

Meanwhile in group A Finland beat Germany with 2-0 and thus grabbed the fourth and last playoff spot.

In group B Sweden made short work out of the swiss with a comfortable 5-1 win. Sweden was already groupwinners while Switzerland’s tournament now is over. Czech Republic finally woke up and beat Russia with 4-1, securing the second place in group B. Russia finished in third place and sensationally, Denmark grabbed the last spot in the playoffs.


The quarterfinals are played January 2nd:

USA vs Russia
Sweden vs Finland
Czech Republic vs Slovakia
Canada vs Denmark

Except for Canada facing Denmark we have some classic rivalries to look forward to: USA and Russia is always fun to watch, even though the Cold War is over. Sweden against Finland is a nordic rivalry while Czechoslovakia now has turned in two countries fighting for glory and prestige – hockey at it’s best!

Our bet is on the following teams reaching the semifinals: USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada.

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