Ice Hockey World Championships 2015: Standings and predictions

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Over half of the group stage in the 2015 Ice Hockey World Championships in Prague has been played and it is time to sort the winners from the losers and start to predict play offs and regelations. The group stage consists of two groups, A and B, with eight teams in each group. From there, four teams from every group goes through to the quarterfinals. The last team of the groups gets eliminated to the division 1, from which Kazakstan and Hungary will be transferred to next years World Championships in Russia.

Group A standings:

Before todays games team Canada is at the top of the group before Sweden. They have one game less played and should be able to keep the lead throughout the group phase. Sweden will have to set the goal on keeping the second place, which they now have one point before Czech Republic. Switzerland is chasing behind, three points after Sweden. The both teams will face each other tonight. Switzerland has only scored 8 goals in 2 games but have only let in 7. Germany is chasing a spot in the play offs, two points behind Switzerland. In the bottom half France, Austria and Latvia is fighting for their existence. France has a sour situation since they have to face both Canada and Sweden in their schedule. Austria and Latvia are facing each other tonight which will be a key game in the lower half of the group. The group winner gets to stay in Prague and play quarterfinal against the fourth placed team from group B. Czech Republic will play their quarterfinal in Prague no matter what while the other two teams will have to travel to Ostrava for the play off round.

Group B standings:

In group B team USA started with beating Finland 5-1. Thereafter they have lost against Belarus but beaten Russia and won two odd-goal games against Norway and Denmark. They are in the lead in a tight group B, two points before Belarus in second place. Finland and Russia are three points behind USA, but at the other hand, USA has one more game played. Both Russia and Finland has tough schedules left with games against each other, Belarus and Slovakia. Slovakia is trailing in fifth place, two points behind Russia. Norway is in sixth place, with six points. The battle for avoiding the last spot in the group stands between Denmark and Slovenia where Denmark has the advantage to face Norway in the next round when Slovenia will have to face team USA. In the last round Denmark and Slovenia will meet.

Our World Championship prediction:

Based on the schedule and current standing we predict the following teams to reach the play offs:

Group A: 1. Canada 2. Sweden 3. Czech Republic 4. Switzerland

Group B: 1. USA 2. Russia 3. Finland 4. Belarus

That gives the following quarterfinals:

Canada – Belarus
Sweden – Finland
Czech Republic – Russia
Switzerland – USA

Here, we believe in Canada, Sweden, Russia and USA which gives the following semifinals:

Canada – Russia
Sweden – USA

Colored by our nationality, we hope for a dream final between Canada and Sweden which Sweden will win and grab the gold!

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