Schedule, Ski Tour Canada 2016


March 1-12 2016 a total of eight competitions of nordic skiing is held in a new tour, similar to Tour de Ski. The new tour is called Ski Tour Canada. Below you can find the schedule for the men’s and ladies’ competitions. We think it is a great initiative to place a part of the FIS world cup in North America in order to increase interest for the sport in other countries than Europe and Russia. We hope that the local skier, Alex Harvey will perform well on the men’s side. In the ladies’ competition, it is hard to see anyone match Tour de Ski winner and world cup leader Therese Jouhaug and her Norwegian colleagues. Maybe Sweden’s Stina Nilsson will be able to grab a victory or two in the sprint competitions. Of course we also have our hopes that our Olympic and World Championship gold medal winner, Charlotte Kalla, will perform well during the Tour, even though she has struggled this season.

Schedule, Ski Tour Canada 2016

F = freestyle C = classic M = men L = ladies

1 March: Gatineau, sprint/F L/M
2 March: Montreal, 13 km mass start/C L & 22 km mass start/C M
4 March: Quebec City, sprint/F L/M
5 March: Quebec City, 10 km pursuit/F L & 15 km pursuit/F M
8 March: Canmore, sprint/C L/M
9 March: Canmore, 15 km skiathlon L & 30 km skiathlon M
11 March: Lake Louise, 10 km/F L & 20 km/F M
12 March: Canmore, 10 km pursuit/C L o 15 km pursuit/C M

The last competition is held in Canmore, who were the host for the nordic ski contests in the 1988 Olympic Wintergames in Calgary. We look forward to a great end to the 2015-16 world cup. Also, don’t miss the Swedish Vasa Race on Sunday, March 6, where thousands of skiers will go through a 90 km classic distance.

Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 2016

February 7th 2016 the 50th edition of the National Football League (NFL) final, Super Bowl is decided. To celebrate Super Bowl 50, Arabic numerals are used to market the game, instead of the traditional Roman numbers (50 = L).

Carolina Panthers versus Denver Broncos

The National Football Conference (NFC) champions, Carolina Panthers, will face the American Football (AFC) Conference champions at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.The last time Super Bowl was held in the San Fransisco Bay Area was in 1985, XIX. As usual, one of the things we look forward to the most is the TV commercial. What are the odds for a nipslip or partial nudity this year? CBS will broadcast the game which starts 6:30 Eastern time. Although Levi’s Stadium declare themselves to be Americas greenest and most technological advanced stadium, there has been some earlier issues with the grass not being of sufficient quality. We hope that is resolved until February.

Looking at the teams, this is the third straight season that the top seeded team from each conference face each other in the final. The Panthers only have one loss this year which gives them a 15-1 record. For the Broncos, this is their eight appearance in the Super Bowl. Denver have won the Super Bowl twice (1997 & 1998) while Carolina no not have a title yet. However, looking at the odds, the Panthers are favourites. In decimal odds, Carolina Panthers gives about 1,5x the stake compared to Denver Broncos 3x.

Last year New England Patriots won the Super Bowl XLIX by defeating Seattle Seahawks 28-24. It was their first win in 10 years and Tom Brady got the MVP. Check out our earlier post to read about the top ten NFL teams!

Results, Tour de Ski 2016

In this you will find the results of the Tour de Ski 2016 day by day. We present the winners and have a little extra focus on the Swedish skiers.

Top three, the Tour de Ski 2016

In the last event: freestyle up the ski slope at the tenth day of the Tour de Ski there was no question about what skaters who were the best. In the women’s competition, Norwegian skier Ingvild Flugstad Østberg had a 39 seconds lead ahead of her compatriot, Therese Johaug. Johaug put the pressure on early and went easily past Østberg who had to settle for second place. At third place we found another Norwegian skier, Heidi Weng. The best Swedish participant was Charlotte Kalla who placed fourth. She made a strong finish against Finnish Kerttu Niskanen. Fourth place was Kallas second best placement in the Tour de Ski after winning the competition in 2007/2008.

On the men’s side, Martin Johnsrud Sundby started almost three minutes before Petter Northug, Alexey Poltoranin among others. Sundby triumphed, and paraded and got as bonus hugs from his family at the top of the ski slope. Second place went to the talented Norwegian skier Finn Haagen Krogh and Russia’s Sergey Ustiogov placed third. Norway’s Petter Northug finished fourth. This was Northug’s tenth straight Tour de Ski, an impressive streak. The best Swedish participant was Simon Andersson at 33th place.

Overall, we can summarize the Tour de Ski with a ski king and a ski queen being crowned. Johaug and Sundby won in superior style. On the Swedish women’s side we found three skaters in the top 15: Charlotte Kalla (4), Ida Ingemarsdotter (12) and Maria Rydqvist (13). The Swedes have had some bad luck with a couple of falls while the skiers shape have not really been there to be fighting for the medals. Meanwhile, we have a width to be proud of and build on. On the men’s side it look heavier when our six best riders are away due to disease and injuries. Without name Marcus Hellner, we are no better than the top 40 which is obviously not good enough. However, there is a generation change underway and for the future of Swedish Nordic skiing, we hope it will be a successful one.

Now we look forward to the rest of the Cross Country World Cup as well as the 2016 Vasa Race.


1. Therese Johaug (NOR)
2. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (NOR) +2:21
3. Heidi Weng (NOR) +3:14
(4. Charlotte Kalla, SWE, +7:45)


1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR)
2. Finn Haagen Krogh (NOR) +3:16
3. Sergey Ustiogov (RUS) +3:44

Day 9: classic mass start, ladies 10 km and men 15 km

In the men’s competition Sundby was back on the throne and gained a substantial advantage over his rivals before tomorrow’s pursuit in the slalom hill. He won today’s distance and has about three minute lead over his countryman Northug who have to aim at defending his second place. In today’s race rain was in the air which made the conditions rough for the teams. Northug finished in 17th place. Niklas Dyrhaug came second and Alexey Poltoranin third. Dario Cologna took the battle against with Sundby for a while but had some unknown problems after half the race and ended up far behind.

Heidi Weng was probably today’s most happy skier. After 37 podium places without a single first place it was her turn. At the finish in the women’s competition she sprinted against Østberg and finished first. Johaug finished third a few meters after the top two. Charlotte Kalla finished fifth, 55 seconds after Weng.

Day 8: freestyle pursuit, men’s 10 km ladies 5 km

After a slow day 6 seemed a day of rest had done Johnsrud Sundby good. He was back at the top and placed second in the men’s competition, a few seconds behind his countryman Hågen Krogh. French rider Maurice Manificat placed third. Petter Northug had it tough day and finished as nr 15 in today’s competition.

In the women’s competition Jessica Diggins, USA, came out hard and it held all the way. Diggins won before Heidi Weng and Østberg. The Norwegian ladies placed 2-4 with Ragnhild Haga and Therese Johaug after Østberg. Charlotte Kalla went out hard but lost time towards the end. She finished seventh, 12 seconds after Diggins.

(Day 7 Day off)

Day 6: classic mass start, ladies 10 km and men 15 km

History repeats itself, it is said, and it was especially true for Charlotte Kalla and Stina Nilsson who fell today again. The Norwegian trio Østberg, Johaug and Weng pulled away from the others early from. Charlotte Kalla and Stina Nilsson was in a group anymore back into the field and went stable until about 7 km, when last year’s Vasaloppet winner Justyna Kowalczyk fell in front of the Swedes. It resulted in both cold and Nilsson literally had to bite the grass. They lost about 30 seconds in total. Bad luck. The winner was the Norwegian Therese Johaug front of her countrywomen Flugstad Østberg and Weng. Ida Ingemarsdotter placed sixth by staying on her legs, just like yesterday.

In the men’s race no Norwegians was in the top three. Alexey Poltoranin, Kazakhstan won in front of Dario Cologna, Switzerland and Franscesco de Fabiani, Italy. Overall leader Sundby had a bad day and finished the race about 52 seconds after the winner.

Day 5: classical sprint

After day three we wrote that everything can happen during a long Tour de Ski, which could be interpreted as a hope that some of the Norwegian dominant skiers might fall during the sprint races 🙂 Unfortunately, it was the Swedes that fell today. Charlotte Kalla fell in the quarterfinals and Stina Nilsson later fell in exactly the same hill. Best Swedish skier of the day was Ida Ingemarsdotter at third place. Sophie Caldwell, United States won before Heidi Weng and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg. Therese Johaug made it to the finals and finished fifth.

In the men’s competition Emil Iversen, Norway, won before Russia’s Sergey Ustiugov and Alexey Poltoranin (Kazakhstan). The winner and the runner up of the tour, Sundby and Northug finished fourth and fifth respectively.

(Day 4: Day off)

Day 3: Men 10 km and ladies 5 km pursuit (freestyle)

Once again, Norway dominated the races: Sundby, Northug and Finn Haagen Krogh placed 1, 2 and 3 in the men’s race while Østberg, Johaug and Weng got the same positions in the women’s competition. The Tour de Ski is beginning to look like the Norwegian championships. However, anything can happen in a 10 day tour.

Day 2: ladies 15 km and men 30 km (classic)

On the second day of the Tour de Ski 2016, Johaug dominated according to plan and won half a minute before Østberg. Heidi Weng made sure it would be a Norwegian triple, placing third. Sweden’s Charlotte Kalla placed fifth. In the men’s competition, Martin Johnsrud Sundby won before his countrymen Petter Northug and Didrik Tønseth. A double Norwegian triple so to say.

Day 1: Sprint

The sprint competitions were a chance for those wanting to get an advantage on the women’s favorite, Norway’s Therese Johaug, to gain some early points. Johaug almost made it to the semifinal though. Norway’s Maiken Caspersen won before Sweden’s Ida Ingemarsdotter. Ingvid Flugstad Østberg placed third.

On the men’s side won the Italian sprint expert Federico Pellegrino won before Russian Sergey Ustiugov. Finn Haagen Krogh got the third place.  Swedish skier Emil Jönsson placed fifth in the final.

We look forward to the (super)sports year 2016

In an earlier post we summarized the sports year 2015. I this post we look forward to the biggest events of 2016. Immediately we can sort out a top three list with European football championships in France, Summer Olympics in Brazil and World Cup of Hockey in Canada. On top of that, all the usual yearly events will entertain us between the major happenings.

Tour de Ski

Tour de Ski is the first milestone of 2016. January 1-10 the best skiers of the world will battle for gold and glory in a series of events which ends with a climb up a downhill slope. In the nordic skiing events so far this season, the Norwegian skiers have dominated the tracks. However, in Sweden we hope that Charlotte Kalla will be able to challenge Therese Johaug, Heidi Weng and the other competitors.


More info: FIS Ski

IIHF World Championships in Russia

The World Championships of Hockey are always fun to watch. It gets even more interesting when the tournament is set in a big hockey nation. Last year, Canada won by defeating Russia in the final. This year, the Russians want to use the home field advantage to retake the throne and win the gold. We hope for a high quality tournament in which many players want to show their best skills in order to gain a spot in the World Cup in september-october. The IIHF World Championships 2016 are played May 6-22.

Tre Kronor2

UEFA Euro 2016 in France

June 10 – July 10 the biggest football event of the year is held in France. 24 European nations are battling for going all the way to the final. After exciting qualifiers we look forward to a tournament of good quality. Sweden managed to reach the Euro 2016 by defeating Denmark in the play offs. Team captain Zlatan Ibrahimoivc must now find ways to score against tougher opposition, in the group phase they are drawn against Belgium, Ireland and Italy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

More info: UEFA

Summer Olympics in Brazil

The summer olympics are always a special event. This year they are held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. We look forward to seeing more duels like the ones in the 2015 IIAF World Champions in Beijing 2015. Will Mo Farah and Usain Bolt continue to dominate or is it time for a new generation of athletes to challenge the masters? August 5-21 over 10500 athletes from more than 200 countries will fight for the medals.

More info: Official homepage

World Cup of Hockey in Canada

The biggest hockey event of the year is held in Canada September 17 – October 1. The World Cup of Hockey 2016 might be one of the greatest international competition in modern time. The last time it was held was in 2004 and 1996. Before then, the tournament was known as Canada Cup. The World Cup is held early in the season and all the best players will participate. Also, two wildcard teams, consisting of young, North American players and a mix of European players from the “lesser” hockey nations, will challenge the established “big six”.

World Cup of Hockey 2016

More info:

World Juniors in Canada

The finale of the sports- and hockey year 2016 is held in Canada when the World Juniors 2017 begins. It is aways fun to watch a hockey tournament held in the home land of the sport, although Canada always make sure they gain every possible advantage at home. However, the 2015-16 edition of the tournament in Finland is still underway and we will follow the play offs as the world’s best junior hockey players are battling for the gold. Later, we will post the schedule for the 2017 World Juniors.

World Juniors

Stay tuned and follow us as we progress through the super sports year 2016!

We summarize: The sports year 2015


2015 is ending and in this post we summarize the sports year. Being a middle-year between 2014 (Winter Olympics + FIFA World Cup) and 2016 (European Football Championships, Summer Olympics and World Cup of Hockey) we have still experienced some great international sports all over the world. The list below is some examples of what we have followed and reported from in 2015:

  • In the 2015 IIHF World Hockey Juniors, Canada won the gold by defeating Russia in an exciting final. Slovakia won the bronze when they defeated Sweden.
  • France won the men’s handball in Qatar. The tournament was controversial in many ways. Qatar participated with a team that was made up of a mix of players from different nations.
  • Norway dominated the Nordic Ski contests. Marit Björgen and Martin Johnsrud Sundby won Tour de Ski. They also performed well in the World Championships in Sweden, Falun. The Swedish favourite, Charlotte Kalla, won three medals (two bronzes, one gold).
  • Luleå won the Champions Hockey League and Chicago Blackhawks the NHL.
  • The 2015 IIHF World Championships was a great tournament with a lot of stars from the NHL. Canada, Sweden and Russia got a lot of reinforcements from North America. The home team, Czech Republic could once again see Jaromir Jagr in their national team. Canada won the championships by defeating Russia 6-1 in the final.
  • Barcelona won the 2014/15 Champions League. They defeated Juventus in the final.
  • In the summer we got to experience some nice football: Women’s World Cup in Canada, Copa América, Under-21 men’s European championships and Under-19 women’s European championships. USA won the World Cup, Chile the South American championships at home. Sweden won two golds in the youth contests.
  • Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjöström won two golds, two silver (incl, one relay) and one bronze medal in the World Championships in Kazan. She has been awarded the national prizes “Jerringpriset” last year and “Bragdguldet” this year.
  • In the IAAF World Championships we got to see a sprint duel between Justin Gatlin and Usain Bolt. The result? 3 rounds to Bolt, 0 to Gatlin. Mo Farah won the gold medals in 5000 m and 1000 m.
  • 24 teams have qualified for the 2016 UEFA European Championships in France next summer. Sweden qualified by defeating Denmark in the play offs. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored 2 goals in the second match.

Now we are looking forward to the supersports year of 2016. We will write a post about the biggest events of next year shortly!

Tour de Ski 2016: schedule


Tour de Ski is back as usual in January 2016. It is a part of the FIS Ski World Cup 2015-16 and since there are no World Championships or Winter Olympics in 2016 we expect the world’s greatest skier participating in one week of great nordic skiing. The name of the competition was inspired by the bicycle contest Tour de France. The first Tour de Ski was held in 2006/2007. In Tour de Ski 2016, the 30 best skiers that have completed all events will get points that adds to their total in the World Cup that runs from November 2015-March 2016.

Schedule, Tour de Ski 2016

C = classic, F = freestyle

Friday, January, 1: Lenzerheide (SUI) Sprint F
Saturday, January, 2: Lenzerheide (SUI) 15/30 km C
Sunday, January, 3: Lenzerheide (SUI) 5/10 km F
Monday January, 5: Oberstdorf (GER) Skiathlon, 5+5 km o 10+10 km
Wednesday, January, 6: Oberstdorf (GER) Sprint/C (alt 5/10 km F)
Thursday, January, 7: Toblach-Dobbiaco (ITA) 5/10 km F (alt sprint/F)
Saturday, January, 9: Val di Fiemme (ITA) 10/15 km C
Sunday, January, 10: Val di Fiemme (ITA) 9 km F “final climb” upwards an Alpine slope!

Schedule, FIS World Cup 2015-16

Friday, November 27: Kuusamo/Ruka (FIN) Sprint C, mini tour
Saturday, November 28: Kuusamo/Ruka (FIN) 5/10 km F, mini tour
Sunday, November 29: Kuusamo/Ruka (FIN) 10/15 km C, mini tour

Saturday, December 5: Lillehammer (NOR) Skiathlon
Sunday, December 6: Lillehammer (NOR) 4×5 km, 4×10 km relays

Saturday, December 12: Davos (SUI) Sprint F
Sunday, December 13: Davos (SUI) 15/30 km F

Saturday, December 19: Toblach-Dobbiaco (ITA) Sprint F
Sunday, December 20: Toblach-Dobbiaco (ITA) 10/15 km C

Tour de Ski, January 1 – January 10.

Saturday, January 16: Rogla/Planica (SLO) Sprint F
Sunday, January 17: Rogla/Planica (SLO) Team sprint F

Saturday, January 23: Novembere Mesto na Morave (CZE) 10/15 km F
Sunday, January 24: Novembere Mesto na Morave (CZE) 4×5 km, 4×10 km relays

Thursday, February 4: Drammen (NOR) Sprint C
Saturday, February 6: Oslo/Holmenkollen (NOR) 50 km F (men)
Sunday, February 7: Oslo/Holmenkollen (NOR) 30 km F (women)

Thursday, February 11: Stockholm (SWE) Sprint C
Saturday, February 13: Falun (SWE) 5/10 km C
Sunday, February 14: Falun (SWE) 10/15 km F

Saturday, February 20: Lahti (FIN) Sprint F
Sunday, February 21: Lahti (FIN) Skiathlon

Tour de Canada

Tuesday, March 1: Gatineau (CAN) Sprint F
Wednesday, March 2: Mondaytreal (CAN) 13,2/22 km C
Thursday, March 3: Quebec (CAN) Sprint F
Friday, March 4: Quebec (CAN) 10/15 km F
Saturday, March 5: Canmore (CAN) Sprint C
Sunday, March 6: Canmore (CAN) Skiathlon, 7,5+7,5 km o 15+15 km
Monday, March 7: Lake Louise (CAN) 10/20 km C
Tuesday, March 8: Canmore (CAN) 10/15 km F

Top ten NFL teams 2015/16


The National Football League (NFL) has begun and here we list the top ten teams of 2015/16. What team will win the 2016 Super Bowl?


Last year the Seahawks was one game from their second straight Super Bowl title. There was therefore no reason to make any major changes during the preseason. For the fourth consecutive season, they have one of the league’s absolute best defense. Unlike last year, the Seahawks will also have the player with the second most receiving touchdowns in the NFL since 2011: Jimmy Graham, recruited from the New Orleans Saints.


To be reigning champions, one must say that the Patriots have had a rather messy offseason. Deflategate simply has not wanted to disappear. They have also lost a number of key players. However, Coach Bill Belichick is a master at judging when it is time to say thank you and goodbye to veterans and there is no team that is so good at adapting to new conditions as New England. Did we forget something? Ah, Tom Brady. His shutdown may have been lifted, but he will play as if the whole world is against him. It is when he is in the mood he is the best.


If there is any team that can afford to lose a player of (knee injuries) Jordy Nelson’s caliber, it’s the Green Bay Packers. First, the Packers an amazing ability to draft and develop wide receivers to touchdown monsters. Secondly, this is a team that is accustomed to overcome major injury problems. When the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010 had 15 (!) Players on the injury list.
The player who may not become injured Aaron Rodgers. Yes, the Packers could well win the weak NFC North with a weakened Rodgers, but the goal is of course the Super Bowl 50. If the Packers defensive plays as inspiring as the second half of last season and Clay Matthews continues to put opposing quarterbacks under constant pressure, then the way to San Francisco is open.


During the second half of last season Peyton Manning, 39, proved to be human after all. Having been a reliable TD machine in 137 consecutive seasons began veteran suddenly spread the balls here and there. The last eight games he threw 15 TD’s and ten interceptions, compared with 24 TDs and five interceptions in the first eight matches. Now the Broncos got a new coach in Gary Kubiak, who usually builds the offensive on an effective running game. This means that the slope running C.J. Anderson has a more important role and that the team will not be as dependent on Manning’s arm.


Andrew Luck has established itself as one of the league’s best quarterbacks. Frank Gore may have seen his best days, but he is still the main running backs. With some interesting recruits in Andre Johnson and Philip Dorsett (new) the Colts might finally get the maximum out of Andrew Luck’s accurate arm.
What can a QB want? Well, it would be a workable offensive line that protects him. It has not Colts. On paper, the piece that is missing in an otherwise all the more impressive your team.


Not long ago, the Steelers were synonymous with a superb defense. No longer. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball better than ever last season, and the Steelers have the league’s perhaps most exciting wide receiver group, led by superstar Antonio Brown. Moreover, LeVeon Bell is a running back of the highest class. But what about the defense? Well, despite the invested amounts of draft picks on defensive forces have been hard to get it together. If they succeed this year as well, then the Steelers to be reckoned with.


Quarterback Tony Romo and spectacular wide receiver Dez Bryant may be the Cowboys faces outward, but it is the offensive line is the team’s heart and soul. No team ran as often (48 percent of all offensive play) as the Cowboys last year and although DeMarco Murray (team’s main running back) has left, the offensive line is so good that Dallas will be effective along the ground this year.
The weakness of the team build is the defensive play.


Somehow Ravens always put up a competitive team. This season is no exception. With that said, though there are some gaps in the squad to be filled. Wide receiver Torrey Smith and tight end Owen Daniels has left and quarterback Joe Flacco needs someone to throw the ball to.


Say what you want about coach Chip Kelly, but that stuff happens in Philadelphia. Players come, players go at a pace rarely seen in the NFL. Eagles could have 11 new players in their starting lineup in the premiere. The most notable trade was the quarter back Sam Bradford. The former super promise suffered from cruciate ligament twice – in two seasons. Bradford is a gamble that needs to hold of Eagles are to be succesful this season.


You have probably repressed it, but the Cardinals were 6-0 when Carson Palmer was Arizona’s quarterback. Then he became injured and CARDS chances to go far in the playoffs disappeared.
The team also needs to be improved along the ground and now has exciting talent Andre Ellington that will help Johnson & Johnson (David and Chris). With the defensive of the same class as last year, while the key players in the offensive staying healthy, CARDS may become this year’s big surprise in the NFL.
More info:

IAAF World Championships 2015: Highlights


During one week we have been enjoying some great athletes and sports in the 2015 IIAF World Championships in Beijing, China. Now the time has come to summarize the championships. Kenya won the medal race with 7 gold medals, 6 silver and 3 bronze. Usain Bo.. uhm.. Jamaica, got in second place with 7 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronze. Canada won 2 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronze. No medals for Sweden this year, as we are into a generation swtich. Beforehand, much of the up talk was about the duel between Jamaican world record holder at 100 and 200 metres, Usain Bolt, and American sprinter and world leader Justin Gatlin. In a sport which has been plagued by numerous doping suspensions, Bolt was seen as the saviour in an all-to-dirty start-up field. He came, and he sure saved us!

Usain Bolt 3-0 Justin Gatlin

To make a long story short: Current world record holder in 100 and 200 metres, Usain Bolt, have had a year filled with injuries and took a late decision that he should participate in the 2015 World Championships. In the events before the championships we had to watch finals in 100 metres with many athletes that had a history of doping suspensions which many thought was upsetting and gave the sport a bad reputation. When Bolt said he was to participate in Beijing, many of us saw him as the sports saviour. The question was: could he match the world leader with his current form?

In the 100 metres final, Bolt gave us an answer. He reached the final without convincing, trembling in the semi final while Gatlin had an easy ride. However, in the final, both runners got a good start and this time it was Gatlin who did the trembling, with 5 metres to go. Bolt won  1/100 of a second, before Gatlin, winner time 9:79.

Both Bolt and Gatlin got a smooth ride to the final in 200 metres. However, if we talked about rounds before the championship, Bolt won on knock out this time. After the first half, the runners were side by side into the curve. Out of the curve there were only one man left: Usain Bolt. He won laughing, winner time a modest 19:55. This can be compared to his world record from 2009: 19,19. However, after the race, Bolt said he was aiming to go under 19 in the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil. We are looking forward to follow the sprinters during this year between the championships.

The third race in which Bolt and Gatlin met was the 4×100 metres relay. Jamaica and USA were favourites. USA had no less than four participants from the 100 metres final and Jamaica had two. After the race was over, USA had been disqualified for failing the final handover and once again, Usain Bolt crossed the finish line with a gold medal. China won the silver and Canada the bronze medal.

Mohamed “Mo” Farah x 2

In the 2012 London Olympics, Mo Farah won the gold at home in 5000 and 10 000 metres. Before the 2015 Beijing Championships, he was plagued by doping rumors that surrounded his coach. The question was: would he be able to focus enough to go for two new gold medals? The answers came late in both races. In 10 000 metres, he trembled with one lap to go. But he did a late surge, ensuring the win. As did he in 5000 metres. With two laps to go, a Kenyan runner took his chance, going for the gold, gaining a few meters advantage on Farah. However, with 200 metres to go of the 5000 metres final, Farah brought that little extra that only he can do, which decides these types of races. He passed the Kenyan, winning another gold. We are looking forward to follow Mo Farah in the 2016 Olympics of course, but especially in the IAAF World Championships in London 2017. Will he be able to win two new medals at home? Time will tell!

Other highlights

  • Croatian high jumper Blanka Vlasic was back after injury. She got a silver medal in these championships and were clearly touched afterwards.
  • The gold medal in the men’s high jump went to Canada’s Derek Drouin. It took a jump off between three jumpers to divide the medals.
  • Katharina Molitor won the gold medal in javelin throw with the last throw of the competition. She pushed China’s leading  Lyu Huihui down to a silver spot.
  • Swedish 22-year old pole vaulter, Angelica Bengtsson, placed fourth with a new nation record (4m70cm)

Now we are looking forward to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil and the 2017 World Championships in London!

IAAF World Championships 2015 day 5: Usain Bolt won round 2 against Justin Gatlin on knockout


Last weekend, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won the gold medal in 100 metres in a much-anticipated final against world leader Justin Gatlin in the 2015 World Championships. Bolt, that have had some injury problems during the year, won with 0,01 second! 1-0 Bolt after round 1 with other words. However, both runners was also to participate in the 200 metres event.

Usain Bolt 2-0 Justin Gatlin

In the qualifiers and semifinals, both Bolt and Gatlin advanced without using that much energy. Bolt in particular looked relaxed during his heats. In today’s final, both runners got a good start and Gatlin had a slight advantage in the curve. However, Bolt showed the world why 200 metres is his favourite race, pushed a few extra steps and could easily cross the goal-line at 19,56. His world record is 19,19, from 2009. Gatlin placed second, miles behind Bolt. He simply could not hang on in the last half of the race. In fact, the biggest threat to Bolt today was a camera man on a Segway that accidentally hit the sprinter superstar after the race.

The next time we will see Bolt versus Gatlin is in the sprint relay this saturday. Then we will also watch Mo Farah, who won the gold in 10 000 metres, try to go for gold in 5000 metres as well. The World Championships continuous. The Swedish athletes are in a generation shift right now we are getting to see some of our younger athletes try to compete at this level. No medals so far though and chances are we will left empty-handed from these championships. Hopefully some of our athletes have taken the next step til next year’s Summer Olympics in Brazil. However, it will probably be a while since we get to see another Christian Olsson (triple-jump), Stefan Holm (high-jump) or Carolina Klüft (heptathlon). Until then, we get to enjoy some great World Championships in Beijing right now!

IAAF World Championships 2015, day 3 and 4: Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin storms through to the 200 metres final


Jamaican superstar sprinter and current world record holder at 100 and 200 metres Usain Bolt won the first round against American sprinter Justin Gatlin when he won the gold medal in 100 metres, just 1/100 before Gatlin. Both runners have now advanced to the final in 200 metres, without too much trouble.

Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin under 20 seconds

In the qualifiers, Bolt jogged in at 20,28. In his semifinal he didn’t look to exhausted when doing his first 200 metres race under 20 seconds for the year (19,96). Gatlin impressed as well with 20,19 in the qualifier and 19,87 in the semifinal. So now we have an open final this Thursday, with two runners that haven’t really shown us where they stand. However, chances are Gatlin won’t tremble the last metres as he did in the 100 metres final so 200 metres will be decided by which runner have the best sprinting stamina. Gatlin is unbeaten in the half-lap event since 2013. However, Bolt is self-secure:

“For me, my 200 is my best event,” Bolt said. “I live for this, so I’m looking forward to it. I know I’m going to do well.”

Bolt won the 200 metres in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and have been unbeaten at the distance in all major World Championships and Olympic games since then. In the 2011 Daegu World Championships where Bolt got disqualified for a false start at 100 metres, he bounced back and won the gold in 200 metres. He looked very relaxed in his semifinal and we are looking forward to round 2 in the duel between Bolt and Gatlin in the 2015 World Championships in Beijing.

British runners Danny Talbot and Zharnel Hughes advanced to the final as well. Panama’s Alonso Edward finished second behind Gatlin, with the time 20.02. South African Anasco Jobodwana got a new personal best, 20,01, finishing second behind Bolt. Femi Ogunde went through as well. As well as Gatlin, he has a history of serving a doping ban.Turkey’s Ramil Guliyev crossed the finish line at 20,10 and advanced to the final as well.