Results: Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, men’s 4×10 km relay


After the women’s 4×5 km relay yesterday, today it was time for the men’s 4×10 km relay. It become an interesting race all the way to the finish line. In the first classic round a group of six skiers managed to break away. At the first exchange Sweden’s Johan Olsson, who won the gold at 15 km freestyle the other day, were 20 seconds behind. However, he showed great shape once again and managed to take the lead with plenty of seconds before the first skate round. Now the battle for the medals was between three nations: Sweden, Norway and France. Sweden’s Marcus Hellner lost the advantage Olsson had given him and were passed by Norway and France.

Sweden, Norway and France

At the last exchange Norway’s Petter Northug was put against Sweden’s Calle Halfvardsson and France’s Adrien Backscheider. Backscheider quickly advanced, taking the lead while Northug lured behind Halfvardsson. After a while Northug passed Halfvardsson who kept up. Soon the three skiers were side by side. In one of the last hills, Northug made an attack but Halfvardsson answered. However, at the finish no one could beat Northug who did a furious last effort, winning the gold medal for Norway, 0,6 seconds before Halfvardsson. France got the bronze.

Looking at the whole race, the three nations are probably happy with the medals. Only gold counts for Norway while Sweden made a great comeback for the silver. France could give the big boys a fight today. Overall an entertaining race all the way!

Saturday we’re looking forward to the ladies 30 km and Sunday the men’s 50 km that will finish the Nordic World Ski Championships 2015.

Results: Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, women’s 4×5 km relay


Today the women’s 4×5 km relay was on the schedule in the Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden. After two days of gold the expectations were high on the home team while the Norwegian women were favourites, despite having struggled in the 10 km freestyle the other day.

First round – classic

The first 5 km classic round started in a furious phase with Norway in the front. Finland and Sweden answered and were around 10 seconds behind at the first exchange.

Second round – classic

In the second round of classic skiing Sweden’s Charlotte Kalla were put up against Norway’s Therese Johaug. Kalla managed to take in most of the Norwegian advantage and was just behind Johaug at the second exchange. Finland were third.

Third round – freestyle

In the third round Sweden’s Maria Rydqvist fell in a curve which probably settled the fight over the gold medal. Norway’s Jacobsen did a solid performance and were around 20 seconds before Finland and Sweden at the exchange.

Fourth round – freestyle

Jacobsen switched over to Marit Björgen in the last round and she made no mistake: Leaving all competition behind she could cross the finish line and make sure Norway won the gold medal. The fight for the silver medal became a tactical battle where Sweden’s Stina Nilsson (with two silver medals before this race already) lured behind Finland’s Krista Parmakoski most part of the round. Before the last hill Nilsson pressed herself past Parmakoski and Team Sweden could win the silver after a strong finish.


1. Norway 49:07.7
2. Sweden +29,2
3. Finland +30,9
4. USA +1:49,9
5. Poland 1:52,3

Tomorrow the men are running the 4 x 10 km relay.

Results: Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, men’s 15 km freestyle


LängdskidorYesterday Sweden got their first gold medal in the 2015 Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden when Charlotte Kalla won the women’s 10 km freestyle. Today it was the men’s turn to fight for the medals in the 15 km freestyle competition. Once again, the weather was so-so and the tracks became damper and heavier as the event went on.

Another Swedish gold medal

34-year old Swedish skier Johan Olsson made a solid performance and once again Sweden could outmaneuver the other nations against the weather-Gods. The second best today were Manificat from France who won the silver. Norway’s Gloeersen got the bronze medal.

1) Johan Olsson, Sweden 35.01,6
2) Maurice Manificat, France +17,8
3) Anders Gloeersen, Norway +19,2
4) Marcus Hellner, Sweden +39,8
5) Finn Haagen Krogh, Norway +47,6
6) Bernhard Tritscher, Austria +53,4
7) Lukas Bauer, Czech Republic +54,7
8) Chris Andre Jespersen, Norway +57,2
9) Sjur Roethe, Norway +1.01,2

Tomorrow we are looking forward to the women’s 4×5 km relay. It can be another Swedish success with sovereign Charlotte Kalla. In the 2014 Sochi Olympics she was 30 seconds behind the leaders but managed to win the gold medal after a sensational recovery.


Results: Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, women’s 10 km freestyle

Today the women’s 10 km freestyle were settled in a snowy Swedish Falun. After a few skiers had started the weather started to get worse and the snow poured down. The home-favourite Charlotte Kalla was in the lead after the first checkpoint and her Norwegian rivals started a few minutes after her. However, it seems like Björgen, Johaug and Weng had glue under their skis today because they never had a chance against Kalla. Instead it was two american skiers who had second and third best time. Not many of us thought that this would hold throughout the competition but it did. No one could threat Charlotte Kalla today though. Best Norwegian was Heidi Weng who finished 22nd, almost two minutes behind Kalla. Therese Johaug finished 27th and all-time ski-queen Marit Björgen 31st.


1) Charlotte Kalla, Sweden 25.08
2) Jessica Diggins, USA +41
3) Caitlin Cregg, USA +46,9
4) Maria Rydqvist, Sweden +48,6

22) Heidi Weng, Norway +1.51,9
27) Therese Johaug, Norway +2.14.0
31) Marit Björgen, Norway +2.23,6
33) Astrid Jacobsen, Norway +2.32,4

Tomorrow we look forward to the men’s 15 km freestyle. Hopefully the Norwegians has switched from glue to rocket fuel under the skis!

Results: Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, sprint relay


The Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden continued today with the sprint relay. Two skiers from every team share 6 rounds of 1,4 km each.

Women’s sprint relay

Sovereign Margit Björgen from Norway passed the competition after failing to get a medal in yesterdays skiathlon. However, this time it was two other Norwegian skiers who won the gold medal: Ingvild Flugstad Östberg and Maiken Caspersen Falla. The home nation Sweden got a silver medal after a strong finish by Stina Nilsson (who also won the silver in the classic sprint earlier). Swedish Ida Ingemarsdotter also made a strong fifth round. The bronze medal went to Polands Justyna Kowalczyk and Sylwia Jaszkowiec.

Men’s sprint relay

In the men’s competition Petter Northug won his second gold medal of the championships, this time together with Finn Hågen Krogh. Russia finished second and Italy won the bronze. Overall Norway was once again miles before the other nations. The Swedish men gave them a match but at the last exchange one of the Russian skiers bumped into Sweden’s Peterson who dropped his pole which made him lagging to far behind the top.


1) Finn Hågen Krogh/Petter Northug, Norway, 15.32,89, 2) Alexej Petuchov/Nikita Krjukov, Russia, +5,64, 3) Dietmar Nöckler/Federico Pellegrino, Italy, +5,73, 4)Thomas Bing/Tim Tscharnke, Germany, +6,11, 5) Ville Nousiainen/Martti Jylhä, Finland, +13,66, 6) Ales Razym/Dusan Kozisek, Czech Republic, +16,73, 7) Andrew Newell/Simeon Hamilton, USA, +17,48, 8) Maciej Kreczmer/Maciej Starega, Poland, +26,46, 9) Calle Halfvarsson/Teodor Peterson, Sweden, +47,43, 10) Robin Duvillard/Baptiste Gros, France, +1.01,04.

Now we are looking forward to the 10 km freestyle, Tuesday February 24.


Results: Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, skiathlon


Today’s event in the Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden 2015 was Skiathlon and here are the results:

Women’s Skiathlon 15km:

The big hope for the home nation Sweden here was Charlotte Kalla who’s signum is her excellent strong freestyle skiing. However, before that, 7,5 km of classic skiing had to be done. In the classic part, the big Norwegian star Marit Björgen were left behind and Kalla was first out to the ski exchange. However, the Norwegian ski-ladies are like Legion: They are not one, they are many. This time it was Therese Johaug and Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen who were too strong.


1) Therese Johaug, Norway, 40.57,6, 2) Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, Norway, +5,7, 3) Charlotte Kalla, Sweden, +6,0

Men’s Skiathlon 30km:

In the men’s race there was a good mix of different skiers: Names like Petter Northug (won won the sprint the other day), Dario Cologna and Marcus Hellner promised us a tight competition, and so it was. A group of 15 skiers held together and it wasn’t until the end that Dario Cologna managed to break away. At the finish he got beaten by Russia’s Vylegzjanin. Alex Harvey from Canada won his second medal of the championships, finishing third.


1) Maxim Vylegzjanin, Russia, 1.16,25, 2) Dario Cologna, Switzerland, +0,4, 3) Alex Harvey, Canada, +1,6

At Chicken-Swedes we are looking forward to the sprint-relay tomorrow!

France won Men’s World Handball Championship 2015


In the men’s world handball championships 2015 Qatar made it to a sensational final with the home advantage and a number of foreign players. France became too strong in the final and won by 25-22. In the bronze-game Poland beat Spain with 29-28.

The self-correcting nature of sports

At the side of the sport events this year’s World Handball Championship has been filled with a variety of strange events and decisions. It began when Germany received a wild card into the tournament at the expense of Australia. The sport self-corrected this when the Germans went out in the quarter-final against the host nation Qatar, which in turn consists of a number of foreign players with a temporary passport and high wages.

Qatar has bought their fans and have had the advantage of the referees according to the critics. Twenty minutes after the finale the Emir of Qatar decides that the only thing that gets displayed on the TV-screens is the closing ceremony of the tournament with the propaganda that brings.

If Germany or Qatar had won the tournament this year it would have been a disaster for the Handball-sport. However, in this case the sport corrected itself, by itself and the same team that won the Olympic Games in London 2 years ago also won the 2015 Men’s World Handball Championship.

Exciting football and football this weekend!

This weekend we’re getting the best of two worlds: British and American football!

Chelsea vs Manchester City

Saturday January 31 the Premier League leaders Chelsea will host the game against Manchester City who is in 2nd place, 5 points behind. Last time the teams met was in a hard-fought battle last year which ended 1-1. City needs 3 points in this game to keep the league alive!

Super Bowl XLIX

Sunday February 1 is the date for one of the years biggest sport events: The Super Bowl. This year Seattle Seahawks are playing against New England Patriots on University of Phoenix Stadium. Seattle is defending champions and are seen as favourites against Tom Brady’s Patriots and their League of Boom. Oh, and don’t miss out on the commercials!

FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 schedule


February 18th – March 1st it’s time for the 2015 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden. We’re looking forward to some great ski action for a couple of weeks. The Swedes haven’t really showed great form in the ski tracks this winter while their neighbours to the west in Norway dominated Tour de Ski. Below is the schedule for the nordic ski events of the competition.

(c) = Classic style
(f) = Free style

February 19

Sprint, Qualifiers, men and ladies, (c)
Sprint, Finals, men and ladies, (c)

February 21

15 km Skiathlon, ladies
30 km Skiathlon, men

February 22

Sprint, teams, qualifiers, men and ladies
Sprint, teams, finals, men and ladies

February 24

10 km, individual, ladies (f)

February 25

15km, individual, men (f)

February 26

4×5 km, relay, ladies

February 27

4×10 km, relay, men

February 28

30 km mass start, ladies (c)

March 1

50 km mass start, men, (c)

2015 World Men’s Handball Championship schedule


The 2015 mens Handball Championship are played between 15th of January – 1st of February in Qatar. It’s the second time the tournament is played in the Middle-East since 1999 when Egypt hosted the games. That time Sweden won the gold medal.

The group stage

The group stage consists of 24 teams divided in 4 groups. The 4 first teams in every group will advance to the round of 16.

Group A:


Group B:

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Group C:

Czech Republic

Group D:

Saudi Arabia


The playoffs are played 25th of January to 1st of February.

January 25th Round of 16

January 28th – Quarterfinals

January 30th – Semifinals

February 1st – Bronze game and Final

Earlier results

In 2013 Spain win the gold medal at home beating Denmark 35-19 in the Final. Denmark also lost the 2011 Final to France who also won the 2012 Olympics in London, beating Sweden in the Final game. These four teams should be able to fight for the medals in the 2015 Handball Championship. We are looking forward to some great Handball action from Qatar this January/February!