IAAF World Championships 2015: Highlights


During one week we have been enjoying some great athletes and sports in the 2015 IIAF World Championships in Beijing, China. Now the time has come to summarize the championships. Kenya won the medal race with 7 gold medals, 6 silver and 3 bronze. Usain Bo.. uhm.. Jamaica, got in second place with 7 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronze. Canada won 2 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronze. No medals for Sweden this year, as we are into a generation swtich. Beforehand, much of the up talk was about the duel between Jamaican world record holder at 100 and 200 metres, Usain Bolt, and American sprinter and world leader Justin Gatlin. In a sport which has been plagued by numerous doping suspensions, Bolt was seen as the saviour in an all-to-dirty start-up field. He came, and he sure saved us!

Usain Bolt 3-0 Justin Gatlin

To make a long story short: Current world record holder in 100 and 200 metres, Usain Bolt, have had a year filled with injuries and took a late decision that he should participate in the 2015 World Championships. In the events before the championships we had to watch finals in 100 metres with many athletes that had a history of doping suspensions which many thought was upsetting and gave the sport a bad reputation. When Bolt said he was to participate in Beijing, many of us saw him as the sports saviour. The question was: could he match the world leader with his current form?

In the 100 metres final, Bolt gave us an answer. He reached the final without convincing, trembling in the semi final while Gatlin had an easy ride. However, in the final, both runners got a good start and this time it was Gatlin who did the trembling, with 5 metres to go. Bolt won  1/100 of a second, before Gatlin, winner time 9:79.

Both Bolt and Gatlin got a smooth ride to the final in 200 metres. However, if we talked about rounds before the championship, Bolt won on knock out this time. After the first half, the runners were side by side into the curve. Out of the curve there were only one man left: Usain Bolt. He won laughing, winner time a modest 19:55. This can be compared to his world record from 2009: 19,19. However, after the race, Bolt said he was aiming to go under 19 in the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil. We are looking forward to follow the sprinters during this year between the championships.

The third race in which Bolt and Gatlin met was the 4×100 metres relay. Jamaica and USA were favourites. USA had no less than four participants from the 100 metres final and Jamaica had two. After the race was over, USA had been disqualified for failing the final handover and once again, Usain Bolt crossed the finish line with a gold medal. China won the silver and Canada the bronze medal.

Mohamed “Mo” Farah x 2

In the 2012 London Olympics, Mo Farah won the gold at home in 5000 and 10 000 metres. Before the 2015 Beijing Championships, he was plagued by doping rumors that surrounded his coach. The question was: would he be able to focus enough to go for two new gold medals? The answers came late in both races. In 10 000 metres, he trembled with one lap to go. But he did a late surge, ensuring the win. As did he in 5000 metres. With two laps to go, a Kenyan runner took his chance, going for the gold, gaining a few meters advantage on Farah. However, with 200 metres to go of the 5000 metres final, Farah brought that little extra that only he can do, which decides these types of races. He passed the Kenyan, winning another gold. We are looking forward to follow Mo Farah in the 2016 Olympics of course, but especially in the IAAF World Championships in London 2017. Will he be able to win two new medals at home? Time will tell!

Other highlights

  • Croatian high jumper Blanka Vlasic was back after injury. She got a silver medal in these championships and were clearly touched afterwards.
  • The gold medal in the men’s high jump went to Canada’s Derek Drouin. It took a jump off between three jumpers to divide the medals.
  • Katharina Molitor won the gold medal in javelin throw with the last throw of the competition. She pushed China’s leading  Lyu Huihui down to a silver spot.
  • Swedish 22-year old pole vaulter, Angelica Bengtsson, placed fourth with a new nation record (4m70cm)

Now we are looking forward to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil and the 2017 World Championships in London!

IAAF World Championships 2015 day 5: Usain Bolt won round 2 against Justin Gatlin on knockout


Last weekend, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won the gold medal in 100 metres in a much-anticipated final against world leader Justin Gatlin in the 2015 World Championships. Bolt, that have had some injury problems during the year, won with 0,01 second! 1-0 Bolt after round 1 with other words. However, both runners was also to participate in the 200 metres event.

Usain Bolt 2-0 Justin Gatlin

In the qualifiers and semifinals, both Bolt and Gatlin advanced without using that much energy. Bolt in particular looked relaxed during his heats. In today’s final, both runners got a good start and Gatlin had a slight advantage in the curve. However, Bolt showed the world why 200 metres is his favourite race, pushed a few extra steps and could easily cross the goal-line at 19,56. His world record is 19,19, from 2009. Gatlin placed second, miles behind Bolt. He simply could not hang on in the last half of the race. In fact, the biggest threat to Bolt today was a camera man on a Segway that accidentally hit the sprinter superstar after the race.

The next time we will see Bolt versus Gatlin is in the sprint relay this saturday. Then we will also watch Mo Farah, who won the gold in 10 000 metres, try to go for gold in 5000 metres as well. The World Championships continuous. The Swedish athletes are in a generation shift right now we are getting to see some of our younger athletes try to compete at this level. No medals so far though and chances are we will left empty-handed from these championships. Hopefully some of our athletes have taken the next step til next year’s Summer Olympics in Brazil. However, it will probably be a while since we get to see another Christian Olsson (triple-jump), Stefan Holm (high-jump) or Carolina Klüft (heptathlon). Until then, we get to enjoy some great World Championships in Beijing right now!

IAAF World Championships 2015, day 3 and 4: Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin storms through to the 200 metres final


Jamaican superstar sprinter and current world record holder at 100 and 200 metres Usain Bolt won the first round against American sprinter Justin Gatlin when he won the gold medal in 100 metres, just 1/100 before Gatlin. Both runners have now advanced to the final in 200 metres, without too much trouble.

Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin under 20 seconds

In the qualifiers, Bolt jogged in at 20,28. In his semifinal he didn’t look to exhausted when doing his first 200 metres race under 20 seconds for the year (19,96). Gatlin impressed as well with 20,19 in the qualifier and 19,87 in the semifinal. So now we have an open final this Thursday, with two runners that haven’t really shown us where they stand. However, chances are Gatlin won’t tremble the last metres as he did in the 100 metres final so 200 metres will be decided by which runner have the best sprinting stamina. Gatlin is unbeaten in the half-lap event since 2013. However, Bolt is self-secure:

“For me, my 200 is my best event,” Bolt said. “I live for this, so I’m looking forward to it. I know I’m going to do well.”

Bolt won the 200 metres in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and have been unbeaten at the distance in all major World Championships and Olympic games since then. In the 2011 Daegu World Championships where Bolt got disqualified for a false start at 100 metres, he bounced back and won the gold in 200 metres. He looked very relaxed in his semifinal and we are looking forward to round 2 in the duel between Bolt and Gatlin in the 2015 World Championships in Beijing.

British runners Danny Talbot and Zharnel Hughes advanced to the final as well. Panama’s Alonso Edward finished second behind Gatlin, with the time 20.02. South African Anasco Jobodwana got a new personal best, 20,01, finishing second behind Bolt. Femi Ogunde went through as well. As well as Gatlin, he has a history of serving a doping ban.Turkey’s Ramil Guliyev crossed the finish line at 20,10 and advanced to the final as well.

IAAF World Championships 2015, day 2: Usain Bolt won round 1 against Justin Gatlin


One of the most anticipated events of the 2015 IIAF World Championships in Beijing was the duel between current world record holder at 100 and 200 metres Usain Bolt and the current world leader, former doping suspended Justin Gatlin. Today the first round, 100 metres, was going to be decided. Both runners advanced from their respective semifinals, however Bolt stumbled in the beginning and could win his race with a small margin.

Usain Bolt won the final

In the final we had a number of good runners. Names like Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell and of course, Bolt and Gatlin. The whole world was holding is breath for this event and for 9,79 seconds it was like time itself stood still. It is hard to describe such a short race with a lot of words afterwards, but we will do our best here. A lot of runners got a good start, including Usain Bolt. For the first half of the race however, Gatlin was in the lead. With about 10 metres to go, he lost his running form, aiming to reach himself over the goal line. Bolt at the other side, did a stable race from start to finish, keeping his relaxed form all the way over the finishline, winning the 100 metres final with a mere 0.01. Gatlin got the silver medal and Andre De Grasse share the bronze with Trayvon Bromell.

For many of us, Usain Bolt’s gold medal felt like a victory for the clean sport since many of his opponents have been suspended for doping. In a world where cheating has become a regular business in many countries, it is even more important for clean athletes to step up and show us and future generation that it is possible to win using fair means.

Usain Bolt was born in 1986 in Jamaica. He has the world records in 100 metres (9,58) and 200 metres (19,19). He has six olympic gold medals including relays, and eight world championship golds.

The next round between Bolt and Gatlin is fought Friday, August 28. Stay tuned with Chicken Swedes!

IAAF World Championships 2015, day 1: Mohamed “Mo” Farah won the gold in 10 000 m


Mo Farah, who won the gold medals in 5000 and 1000 metres at home in the 2012 Olympic games in London, was one of the main events of the first day in the 2015 IAAF World Championships. After being accused of doping connected to his former coach, all eyes was on Farah in tonight’s 10 000 metres final.

Late surge decided the race

The race was for a long time an open history. In the later half, three Kenyan runners, Mo Farah and the American Galen Rupp created a small group that took the lead. But it was not until the last lap the race was decided. Farah made a late surge with a few hundred meters left. Geoffrey Kamworor and Paul Tanui hanged on, but with 150 meters to go, Farah made a last effort that won him the gold medal. Farah’s time on the last lap was an impressing 54:15 seconds, despite a late stumble that could have cost him the race.

The gold in 10 000 metres was Mo Farah’s third in World Competitions: In Moscow 2013 and, as mentioned above, in London 2014 he won the gold as well. In both these competitions he won the gold in 5000 metres as well. This means that if Farah wins the gold in Friday’s 5000-meter race he will have three executive double-distance wins. In Daegu 2011 he won the gold in 5000 metres and silver in 10 000 metres.

Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin advances through the 100 metres qualifiers

The first round of the 2015 IAFF World Championships hottest duel, between Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt, and former doping-suspended Justin Gatlin, was decided today. Both runners advanced to the semifinals. Gatlin won his heat with the time of 9.83 and Bolt his with the time of 9.97. None of the two seemed to go with full speed in their qualifiers. The semi-finals and finals are decided tomorrow.


Schedule, IAAF World Championships in Beijing 2015



The 15th IAAF World Championships are held in Beijing, China, 22-30th of August 2016. It is now clear that Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt will participate in 100 and 200 metres. That is good news since the top participators in Diamond League have had a past filled with doping suspensions. Below are schedule for the championships, day by day. Events that might be of special interest are highlighted.

Event, Round (sex (Men/Women)

August 22:

Morning session:

Marathon, Final (M)
100 Metres Hurdles, Heptathlon (W)
Hammer Throw, Qualification Group A (M)
Shot Put, Qualification (W)
High Jump, Heptathlon (W)
3000 Metres Steeplechase, Heats (M)
Hammer Throw, Qualification Group B (M)
1500 Metres, Heats (W)
800 Metres, Heats (M)
100 Metres, Preliminary Round (M)

Afternoon session:

Shot Put Heptathlon (W)
400 Metres Hurdles Heats (M)
Pole Vault Qualification (M)
Triple Jump Qualification (W)
100 Metres Heats (M)
Shot Put Final (W)
200 Metres Heptathlon (W)
10,000 Metres Final (M)

August 23:

Morning session:

20 Kilometres Race Walk Final (M)
Long Jump Heptathlon (W)
100 Metres Preliminary Round (W)
Shot Put Qualification (M)
400 Metres Hurdles Heats (W)
Javelin Throw Heptathlon Group A (W)
400 Metres Heats (M)
100 Metres Heats (W)
Javelin Throw Heptathlon Group B (W)

Afternoon session:

Hammer Throw Final (M)
400 Metres Hurdles Semi-Final (M)
100 Metres Semi-Final (M)
Shot Put Final (M)
800 Metres Heptathlon (W)
800 Metres Semi-Final (M)
1500 Metres Semi-Final (W)
100 Metres Final (M) (Usain Bolt)

August 24:

Morning session:

Pole Vault Qualification (W)
Discus Throw Qualification Group A (W)
3000 Metres Steeplechase Heats (W)
Long Jump Qualification (M)
400 Metres Heats (W)
Discus Throw Qualification Group B (W)

Afternoon session:

Javelin Throw Qualification Group A (M)
Pole Vault Final (M)
400 Metres Hurdles Semi-Final (W)
Triple Jump Final (W)
100 Metres Semi-Final (W)
400 Metres Semi-Final (M)
Javelin Throw Qualification Group B (M)
10,000 Metres Final (W)
3000 Metres Steeplechase Final (M)
100 Metres Final (W)

August 25:

Afternoon session:

Discus Throw Final (W)
Metres Semi-Final (W)
Long Jump Final (M)
200 Metres Heats (M)
400 Metres Hurdles Final (M)
1500 Metres Final (W)
800 Metres Final (M)

August 26:

Morning session:

Hammer Throw Qualification Group A (W)
5000 Metres Heats (M)
Triple Jump Qualification (M)
800 Metres Heats (W)
Hammer Throw Qualification Group B (W)
110 Metres Hurdles Heats (M)

Afternoon session:

Pole Vault Final (W)
Javelin Throw Final (M)
200 Metres Heats (W)
400 Metres Hurdles Final (W)
200 Metres Semi-Final (M)
3000 Metres Steeplechase Final (W)
400 Metres Final (M)

August 27:

Morning session:

Discus Throw Qualification Group A (M)
High Jump Qualification (W)
5000 Metres Heats (W)
Long Jump Qualification (W)
1500 Metres Heats (M)
Discus Throw Qualification Group B (M)
100 Metres Hurdles Heats (W)

Afternoon session:

Hammer Throw Final (W)
110 Metres Hurdles Semi-Final (M)
Triple Jump Final (M)
200 Metres Semi-Final (W)
800 Metres Semi-Final (W)
400 Metres Final (W)
200 Metres Final (M) (Usain Bolt)

August 28:

Morning session:

20 Kilometres Race Walk Final (W)
100 Metres Decathlon (M)
High Jump Qualification (M)
Long Jump Decathlon (M)
Shot Put Decathlon (M)

Afternoon session:

M High Jump Decathlon (M)
Javelin Throw Qualification Group A (W)
100 Metres Hurdles Semi-Final (W)
Long Jump Final (W)
1500 Metres Semi-Final (M)
400 Metres Decathlon (M)
Javelin Throw Qualification Group B (W)
200 Metres Final (W)
110 Metres Hurdles Final (M)
100 Metres Hurdles Final (W)

August 29:

Morning session:

50 Kilometres Race Walk Final (M)
110 Metres Hurdles Decathlon (M)
Discus Throw Decathlon Group A (M)
4×400 Metres Relay Heats (W)
4×400 Metres Relay Heats (M)
Discus Throw Decathlon Group B (M)
4×100 Metres Relay Heats (W)
4×100 Metres Relay Heats (M)
M Pole Vault Decathlon (M)

Afternoon session:

Javelin Throw Decathlon Group A (M)
400m Masters Final (W)
800m Masters Final (M)
Javelin Throw Decathlon Group B (M)
High Jump Final (W)
800 Metres Final (W)
5000 Metres Final (M)
Discus Throw Final (M)
1500 Metres Decathlon (M)
4×100 Metres Relay Final (W)
4×100 Metres Relay Final (M)

August 30:

Morning session:

Marathon Final (W)

Afternoon session:

High Jump Final (M)
Javelin Throw Final (W)
5000 Metres Final (W)
1500 Metres Final (M)
4×400 Metres Relay Final (W)
4×400 Metres Relay Final (M)