IAAF World Championships 2015, day 2: Usain Bolt won round 1 against Justin Gatlin


One of the most anticipated events of the 2015 IIAF World Championships in Beijing was the duel between current world record holder at 100 and 200 metres Usain Bolt and the current world leader, former doping suspended Justin Gatlin. Today the first round, 100 metres, was going to be decided. Both runners advanced from their respective semifinals, however Bolt stumbled in the beginning and could win his race with a small margin.

Usain Bolt won the final

In the final we had a number of good runners. Names like Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell and of course, Bolt and Gatlin. The whole world was holding is breath for this event and for 9,79 seconds it was like time itself stood still. It is hard to describe such a short race with a lot of words afterwards, but we will do our best here. A lot of runners got a good start, including Usain Bolt. For the first half of the race however, Gatlin was in the lead. With about 10 metres to go, he lost his running form, aiming to reach himself over the goal line. Bolt at the other side, did a stable race from start to finish, keeping his relaxed form all the way over the finishline, winning the 100 metres final with a mere 0.01. Gatlin got the silver medal and Andre De Grasse share the bronze with Trayvon Bromell.

For many of us, Usain Bolt’s gold medal felt like a victory for the clean sport since many of his opponents have been suspended for doping. In a world where cheating has become a regular business in many countries, it is even more important for clean athletes to step up and show us and future generation that it is possible to win using fair means.

Usain Bolt was born in 1986 in Jamaica. He has the world records in 100 metres (9,58) and 200 metres (19,19). He has six olympic gold medals including relays, and eight world championship golds.

The next round between Bolt and Gatlin is fought Friday, August 28. Stay tuned with Chicken Swedes!

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