Results, Ski Tour Canada 2016


In this post we follow the results of the last competitions of the FIS Ski World Cup 2016: Ski Tour Canada. See also, schedule for Ski Tour Canada. The post is updated continuously.

Results, Ski Tour Canada 2016

Date, location, distance, discipline/style

F = free style C = classic M = men W = women

Total standings after the decisive 10 km pursuit/C W & 15 km pursuit/C M


1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby, NOR
2. Sergei Ustiugov, RUS +57,7
3. Petter Northug Jr, NOR +1.53
4. Maurice Manificat, FRA +2.18
5. Alex Harvey, CAN +2.54

Best Swede: 10. Marcus Hellner +6:01

Comment: Sundby and Northug quickly began to chase Ustiugov. After a while, they caught him. However, where Northug got tired, Sundby just kept going and showed us why he is the world’s greatest skier in the 2015-16 season. This year, he won his third straight World Cup, including Tour de Ski and Ski Tour Canada. Impressive!


1. Therese Johaug, NOR
2. Heidi Weng, NOR +1.08
3. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, NOR +2.13
4. Krista Pärmäkoski, FIN +2.56
5. Jessica Diggins, USA +3.09

Bästa svenska: 12. Charlote Kalla +7.13

Comment: Like Sundby, Johaug was behind before the last event. Like Sundby, she chased her opponent, and passed her. Johaug secured the Norwegian dominance in nordic skiing, winning the World Cup, Tour de Ski and Ski Tour Canada.


1. Sergei Ustiugov, RUS
2. Petter Northug Jr, NOR  +32:3
3. Martin Johnsrud Sundby, NOR +39:6


1. Heidi Weng, NOR
2. Therese Johaug, NOR +30:0s
3. Ingvild Östberg Flugstad, NOR +1:24:4

11 March: Lake Louise, 10 km/F W & 20 km/F M

1. Matti Heikinen, FIN
2. Evgeniy Below, RUS
3. Marcus Hellner, SWE

1. Ingvild Östberg Flugstad, NOR
2. Heidi Weng, NOR
3. Krista Parmakoski, FIN

Comment: In Sweden, we happily watched Marcus Hellner finally getting a place on the podium after a troubled season. In his favourite distance, 15 km freestyle, he came out strong and did an excellent race. Hellner is back and we look forward following him in the 2016-17 season. Also, since the World Championships 2017 are held in Finland, we are sure that our neighbours are happy with two podium places today.

9 March: Canmore, 15 km Skiathlon W & 30 km Skiathlon M

1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby, NOR
2. Sergei Ustiugov, RYS
3. Matti Heikinnen, FIN

1. Heidi Weng, NOR
2. Therese Johaug, NOR
3. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, NOR

Comment: Another smart victory by Weng over Johaug. They followed each other the entire race but Weng was once again the faster skier at the end. In the men’s competition, Sundby was the most tactical skier of the day. He collected a total of 43 bonus seconds in relation to the tour leader Ustiugov during the race. We are looking forward to two exciting deciding competitions in the 2016 Tour de Canada!

8 March: Canmore, sprint/C W/M

1. Federico Pellegrini, ITA
2. Eirik Brandsdal, NOR
3. Maurice Manificat, FRA

1. Maiken Falla Caspersen, NOR
2. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, NOR
3. Ingvild Östberg Flugstad, NOR

Comment: The classic sprint introduced an interesting concept with two heavy passages up the same hill and down a steep turn. Norwegian skiers Heidi Weng and Therese Johaug fell on the icy turn in their quarterfinals. Still, at the end of the day, we had three Norwegian skiers on the podium. Sadly, Swedish sprint expert Stina Nilsson did not take part because of illness. Charlotte Kalla fell in the semifinal. In the men’s competition, sprint expert Pellegrini from Italy won the final. However, the smartest skier of the night might have been Norway’s bad boy, Petter Northug, who did not go for a placement in the final. He just relaxed during the two laps in the final, saving his strength for the upcoming distance races.

5 March: Quebec City, 10 km pursuit/F W & 15 km pursuit/F M

1. Sergei Ustiugov, RUS
2. Petter Northug Jr, NOR
3. Emil Iversen, NOR

1. Heidi Weng, NOR
2. Therese Johaug, NOR
3. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, NOR

Comment: Advantage Ustiugov in the first pursuit event. Norwegian skiers Northug and Iversen made a brave attempt in catching up but failed. In the women’s competition, Weng placed herself behind Johaug the entire race and passed her before the finish line with an impressive sprint. Johaug held a furious phase the entire race but failed to shake of her Norwegian colleague.

4 March: Quebec City, sprint/F W/M

1. Gros Baptiste, FRA
2. Alex Harvey, CAN
3. Sergei Ustiugov, RUS

1. Stina Nilsson, SWE
2. Maiken Caspersen Falla, NOR
3. Heidi Weng, NOR

Comment: Another excellent performance by Nilsson who finished first after crushing Falla in the last 100 meters. In the men’s competition, Canadian skier Alex Harvey showed what he was made of. Baptiste from French almost have the home town advantage here in Quebec, French Canada.

2 March: Montreal, 13 km mass start/C W & 22 km mass start/C M

1. Emil Iversen, NOR
2. Petter Northug Jr, NOR
3. Sergei Ustiugov, RUS

1. Therese Johaug, NOR
2. Heidi Weng, NOR
3. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, NOR

Comment: The tables like we are used to see them: plenty of Norwegians! Russia’s Ustiugov shows good shape.

1 March: Gatineau, sprint/F W/M

1. Sergei Ustiugov, RUS
2. Richard Jouve, FRA
3. Simeon Hamilton, USA

1. Maiken Caspersen Falla, NOR
2. Stina Nilsson, SWE
3. Jessica Diggins, USA

Comment: A good start on the tour with two North American and one French skier at the top. Also, Sweden’s young star Stina Nilsson made a solid performance, as usual.

See also, the tour’s official homepage:

Schedule, Ski Tour Canada 2016


March 1-12 2016 a total of eight competitions of nordic skiing is held in a new tour, similar to Tour de Ski. The new tour is called Ski Tour Canada. Below you can find the schedule for the men’s and ladies’ competitions. We think it is a great initiative to place a part of the FIS world cup in North America in order to increase interest for the sport in other countries than Europe and Russia. We hope that the local skier, Alex Harvey will perform well on the men’s side. In the ladies’ competition, it is hard to see anyone match Tour de Ski winner and world cup leader Therese Jouhaug and her Norwegian colleagues. Maybe Sweden’s Stina Nilsson will be able to grab a victory or two in the sprint competitions. Of course we also have our hopes that our Olympic and World Championship gold medal winner, Charlotte Kalla, will perform well during the Tour, even though she has struggled this season.

Schedule, Ski Tour Canada 2016

F = freestyle C = classic M = men L = ladies

1 March: Gatineau, sprint/F L/M
2 March: Montreal, 13 km mass start/C L & 22 km mass start/C M
4 March: Quebec City, sprint/F L/M
5 March: Quebec City, 10 km pursuit/F L & 15 km pursuit/F M
8 March: Canmore, sprint/C L/M
9 March: Canmore, 15 km skiathlon L & 30 km skiathlon M
11 March: Lake Louise, 10 km/F L & 20 km/F M
12 March: Canmore, 10 km pursuit/C L o 15 km pursuit/C M

The last competition is held in Canmore, who were the host for the nordic ski contests in the 1988 Olympic Wintergames in Calgary. We look forward to a great end to the 2015-16 world cup. Also, don’t miss the Swedish Vasa Race on Sunday, March 6, where thousands of skiers will go through a 90 km classic distance.

Results, Tour de Ski 2016

In this you will find the results of the Tour de Ski 2016 day by day. We present the winners and have a little extra focus on the Swedish skiers.

Top three, the Tour de Ski 2016

In the last event: freestyle up the ski slope at the tenth day of the Tour de Ski there was no question about what skaters who were the best. In the women’s competition, Norwegian skier Ingvild Flugstad Østberg had a 39 seconds lead ahead of her compatriot, Therese Johaug. Johaug put the pressure on early and went easily past Østberg who had to settle for second place. At third place we found another Norwegian skier, Heidi Weng. The best Swedish participant was Charlotte Kalla who placed fourth. She made a strong finish against Finnish Kerttu Niskanen. Fourth place was Kallas second best placement in the Tour de Ski after winning the competition in 2007/2008.

On the men’s side, Martin Johnsrud Sundby started almost three minutes before Petter Northug, Alexey Poltoranin among others. Sundby triumphed, and paraded and got as bonus hugs from his family at the top of the ski slope. Second place went to the talented Norwegian skier Finn Haagen Krogh and Russia’s Sergey Ustiogov placed third. Norway’s Petter Northug finished fourth. This was Northug’s tenth straight Tour de Ski, an impressive streak. The best Swedish participant was Simon Andersson at 33th place.

Overall, we can summarize the Tour de Ski with a ski king and a ski queen being crowned. Johaug and Sundby won in superior style. On the Swedish women’s side we found three skaters in the top 15: Charlotte Kalla (4), Ida Ingemarsdotter (12) and Maria Rydqvist (13). The Swedes have had some bad luck with a couple of falls while the skiers shape have not really been there to be fighting for the medals. Meanwhile, we have a width to be proud of and build on. On the men’s side it look heavier when our six best riders are away due to disease and injuries. Without name Marcus Hellner, we are no better than the top 40 which is obviously not good enough. However, there is a generation change underway and for the future of Swedish Nordic skiing, we hope it will be a successful one.

Now we look forward to the rest of the Cross Country World Cup as well as the 2016 Vasa Race.


1. Therese Johaug (NOR)
2. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (NOR) +2:21
3. Heidi Weng (NOR) +3:14
(4. Charlotte Kalla, SWE, +7:45)


1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR)
2. Finn Haagen Krogh (NOR) +3:16
3. Sergey Ustiogov (RUS) +3:44

Day 9: classic mass start, ladies 10 km and men 15 km

In the men’s competition Sundby was back on the throne and gained a substantial advantage over his rivals before tomorrow’s pursuit in the slalom hill. He won today’s distance and has about three minute lead over his countryman Northug who have to aim at defending his second place. In today’s race rain was in the air which made the conditions rough for the teams. Northug finished in 17th place. Niklas Dyrhaug came second and Alexey Poltoranin third. Dario Cologna took the battle against with Sundby for a while but had some unknown problems after half the race and ended up far behind.

Heidi Weng was probably today’s most happy skier. After 37 podium places without a single first place it was her turn. At the finish in the women’s competition she sprinted against Østberg and finished first. Johaug finished third a few meters after the top two. Charlotte Kalla finished fifth, 55 seconds after Weng.

Day 8: freestyle pursuit, men’s 10 km ladies 5 km

After a slow day 6 seemed a day of rest had done Johnsrud Sundby good. He was back at the top and placed second in the men’s competition, a few seconds behind his countryman Hågen Krogh. French rider Maurice Manificat placed third. Petter Northug had it tough day and finished as nr 15 in today’s competition.

In the women’s competition Jessica Diggins, USA, came out hard and it held all the way. Diggins won before Heidi Weng and Østberg. The Norwegian ladies placed 2-4 with Ragnhild Haga and Therese Johaug after Østberg. Charlotte Kalla went out hard but lost time towards the end. She finished seventh, 12 seconds after Diggins.

(Day 7 Day off)

Day 6: classic mass start, ladies 10 km and men 15 km

History repeats itself, it is said, and it was especially true for Charlotte Kalla and Stina Nilsson who fell today again. The Norwegian trio Østberg, Johaug and Weng pulled away from the others early from. Charlotte Kalla and Stina Nilsson was in a group anymore back into the field and went stable until about 7 km, when last year’s Vasaloppet winner Justyna Kowalczyk fell in front of the Swedes. It resulted in both cold and Nilsson literally had to bite the grass. They lost about 30 seconds in total. Bad luck. The winner was the Norwegian Therese Johaug front of her countrywomen Flugstad Østberg and Weng. Ida Ingemarsdotter placed sixth by staying on her legs, just like yesterday.

In the men’s race no Norwegians was in the top three. Alexey Poltoranin, Kazakhstan won in front of Dario Cologna, Switzerland and Franscesco de Fabiani, Italy. Overall leader Sundby had a bad day and finished the race about 52 seconds after the winner.

Day 5: classical sprint

After day three we wrote that everything can happen during a long Tour de Ski, which could be interpreted as a hope that some of the Norwegian dominant skiers might fall during the sprint races 🙂 Unfortunately, it was the Swedes that fell today. Charlotte Kalla fell in the quarterfinals and Stina Nilsson later fell in exactly the same hill. Best Swedish skier of the day was Ida Ingemarsdotter at third place. Sophie Caldwell, United States won before Heidi Weng and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg. Therese Johaug made it to the finals and finished fifth.

In the men’s competition Emil Iversen, Norway, won before Russia’s Sergey Ustiugov and Alexey Poltoranin (Kazakhstan). The winner and the runner up of the tour, Sundby and Northug finished fourth and fifth respectively.

(Day 4: Day off)

Day 3: Men 10 km and ladies 5 km pursuit (freestyle)

Once again, Norway dominated the races: Sundby, Northug and Finn Haagen Krogh placed 1, 2 and 3 in the men’s race while Østberg, Johaug and Weng got the same positions in the women’s competition. The Tour de Ski is beginning to look like the Norwegian championships. However, anything can happen in a 10 day tour.

Day 2: ladies 15 km and men 30 km (classic)

On the second day of the Tour de Ski 2016, Johaug dominated according to plan and won half a minute before Østberg. Heidi Weng made sure it would be a Norwegian triple, placing third. Sweden’s Charlotte Kalla placed fifth. In the men’s competition, Martin Johnsrud Sundby won before his countrymen Petter Northug and Didrik Tønseth. A double Norwegian triple so to say.

Day 1: Sprint

The sprint competitions were a chance for those wanting to get an advantage on the women’s favorite, Norway’s Therese Johaug, to gain some early points. Johaug almost made it to the semifinal though. Norway’s Maiken Caspersen won before Sweden’s Ida Ingemarsdotter. Ingvid Flugstad Østberg placed third.

On the men’s side won the Italian sprint expert Federico Pellegrino won before Russian Sergey Ustiugov. Finn Haagen Krogh got the third place.  Swedish skier Emil Jönsson placed fifth in the final.