Top ten NFL teams 2015/16


The National Football League (NFL) has begun and here we list the top ten teams of 2015/16. What team will win the 2016 Super Bowl?


Last year the Seahawks was one game from their second straight Super Bowl title. There was therefore no reason to make any major changes during the preseason. For the fourth consecutive season, they have one of the league’s absolute best defense. Unlike last year, the Seahawks will also have the player with the second most receiving touchdowns in the NFL since 2011: Jimmy Graham, recruited from the New Orleans Saints.


To be reigning champions, one must say that the Patriots have had a rather messy offseason. Deflategate simply has not wanted to disappear. They have also lost a number of key players. However, Coach Bill Belichick is a master at judging when it is time to say thank you and goodbye to veterans and there is no team that is so good at adapting to new conditions as New England. Did we forget something? Ah, Tom Brady. His shutdown may have been lifted, but he will play as if the whole world is against him. It is when he is in the mood he is the best.


If there is any team that can afford to lose a player of (knee injuries) Jordy Nelson’s caliber, it’s the Green Bay Packers. First, the Packers an amazing ability to draft and develop wide receivers to touchdown monsters. Secondly, this is a team that is accustomed to overcome major injury problems. When the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010 had 15 (!) Players on the injury list.
The player who may not become injured Aaron Rodgers. Yes, the Packers could well win the weak NFC North with a weakened Rodgers, but the goal is of course the Super Bowl 50. If the Packers defensive plays as inspiring as the second half of last season and Clay Matthews continues to put opposing quarterbacks under constant pressure, then the way to San Francisco is open.


During the second half of last season Peyton Manning, 39, proved to be human after all. Having been a reliable TD machine in 137 consecutive seasons began veteran suddenly spread the balls here and there. The last eight games he threw 15 TD’s and ten interceptions, compared with 24 TDs and five interceptions in the first eight matches. Now the Broncos got a new coach in Gary Kubiak, who usually builds the offensive on an effective running game. This means that the slope running C.J. Anderson has a more important role and that the team will not be as dependent on Manning’s arm.


Andrew Luck has established itself as one of the league’s best quarterbacks. Frank Gore may have seen his best days, but he is still the main running backs. With some interesting recruits in Andre Johnson and Philip Dorsett (new) the Colts might finally get the maximum out of Andrew Luck’s accurate arm.
What can a QB want? Well, it would be a workable offensive line that protects him. It has not Colts. On paper, the piece that is missing in an otherwise all the more impressive your team.


Not long ago, the Steelers were synonymous with a superb defense. No longer. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball better than ever last season, and the Steelers have the league’s perhaps most exciting wide receiver group, led by superstar Antonio Brown. Moreover, LeVeon Bell is a running back of the highest class. But what about the defense? Well, despite the invested amounts of draft picks on defensive forces have been hard to get it together. If they succeed this year as well, then the Steelers to be reckoned with.


Quarterback Tony Romo and spectacular wide receiver Dez Bryant may be the Cowboys faces outward, but it is the offensive line is the team’s heart and soul. No team ran as often (48 percent of all offensive play) as the Cowboys last year and although DeMarco Murray (team’s main running back) has left, the offensive line is so good that Dallas will be effective along the ground this year.
The weakness of the team build is the defensive play.


Somehow Ravens always put up a competitive team. This season is no exception. With that said, though there are some gaps in the squad to be filled. Wide receiver Torrey Smith and tight end Owen Daniels has left and quarterback Joe Flacco needs someone to throw the ball to.


Say what you want about coach Chip Kelly, but that stuff happens in Philadelphia. Players come, players go at a pace rarely seen in the NFL. Eagles could have 11 new players in their starting lineup in the premiere. The most notable trade was the quarter back Sam Bradford. The former super promise suffered from cruciate ligament twice – in two seasons. Bradford is a gamble that needs to hold of Eagles are to be succesful this season.


You have probably repressed it, but the Cardinals were 6-0 when Carson Palmer was Arizona’s quarterback. Then he became injured and CARDS chances to go far in the playoffs disappeared.
The team also needs to be improved along the ground and now has exciting talent Andre Ellington that will help Johnson & Johnson (David and Chris). With the defensive of the same class as last year, while the key players in the offensive staying healthy, CARDS may become this year’s big surprise in the NFL.
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