Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 2016

February 7th 2016 the 50th edition of the National Football League (NFL) final, Super Bowl is decided. To celebrate Super Bowl 50, Arabic numerals are used to market the game, instead of the traditional Roman numbers (50 = L).

Carolina Panthers versus Denver Broncos

The National Football Conference (NFC) champions, Carolina Panthers, will face the American Football (AFC) Conference champions at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.The last time Super Bowl was held in the San Fransisco Bay Area was in 1985, XIX. As usual, one of the things we look forward to the most is the TV commercial. What are the odds for a nipslip or partial nudity this year? CBS will broadcast the game which starts 6:30 Eastern time. Although Levi’s Stadium declare themselves to be Americas greenest and most technological advanced stadium, there has been some earlier issues with the grass not being of sufficient quality. We hope that is resolved until February.

Looking at the teams, this is the third straight season that the top seeded team from each conference face each other in the final. The Panthers only have one loss this year which gives them a 15-1 record. For the Broncos, this is their eight appearance in the Super Bowl. Denver have won the Super Bowl twice (1997 & 1998) while Carolina no not have a title yet. However, looking at the odds, the Panthers are favourites. In decimal odds, Carolina Panthers gives about 1,5x the stake compared to Denver Broncos 3x.

Last year New England Patriots won the Super Bowl XLIX by defeating Seattle Seahawks 28-24. It was their first win in 10 years and Tom Brady got the MVP. Check out our earlier post to read about the top ten NFL teams!

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