France won Men’s World Handball Championship 2015


In the men’s world handball championships 2015 Qatar made it to a sensational final with the home advantage and a number of foreign players. France became too strong in the final and won by 25-22. In the bronze-game Poland beat Spain with 29-28.

The self-correcting nature of sports

At the side of the sport events this year’s World Handball Championship has been filled with a variety of strange events and decisions. It began when Germany received a wild card into the tournament at the expense of Australia. The sport self-corrected this when the Germans went out in the quarter-final against the host nation Qatar, which in turn consists of a number of foreign players with a temporary passport and high wages.

Qatar has bought their fans and have had the advantage of the referees according to the critics. Twenty minutes after the finale the Emir of Qatar decides that the only thing that gets displayed on the TV-screens is the closing ceremony of the tournament with the propaganda that brings.

If Germany or Qatar had won the tournament this year it would have been a disaster for the Handball-sport. However, in this case the sport corrected itself, by itself and the same team that won the Olympic Games in London 2 years ago also won the 2015 Men’s World Handball Championship.

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