Results, semifinals of the IIHF World Junior Championships

Yesterday the semifinals of the IIHF World Junior Championships were played and here are the results:

Sweden 1 – 4 Russia

Sweden beat Russia with 3-2 in the group stage and got the top spot in group B. In the playoffs Russia came out as the stronger team and got a 2-0 lead in the second period after a goalless first period. Early in the third period they were up with 3-0 while Sweden managed to reduce the lead to 3-1 with 9 minutes to go. The minute later however, a hypereffective and hungry Russia managed to score again and wrote the end result to 4-1.

Canada 5 – 1 Slovakia

The home team Canada made no mistake in the semifinal against Slovakia. Nicolas Petan scored a hat-trick with one goal in each period, two of them in power play. After the first period the score was 1-0 to team Canada and 3-1 after the second, Slovakia reducing the lead with 3 seconds to go of the middle period, keeping the game alive. Team Canada didn’t keep the pressure of Slovakian goalkeeper Godla, firing a total of 44 shots compared to Slovakia’s 15.

Battle for the medals

In the bronze game tonight Slovakia will face Sweden. Russia and Canada will battle for the gold. Last time they met in a final was in 2011 when Russia won the gold medal. In the last two tournaments Canada haven’t got a medal. Now they are guaranteed to get one, we will only have to wait and see what valor it will be.

Results, quarterfinals of the IIHF World Junior Championships

Yesterday the quarterfinals of the IIHF World Junior Championships were played and here are the results:

Russia 3 – 2 USA

Russia came out strong in this game and were up by two goals to none after the first period. USA looked tired and took many stupid penalties. Perhaps they were still sore after the beating they got by Canada the other day, we expected much more from team USA this tournament. The game ended 3-2 to Russia who will now face Sweden in the semifinal.

Sweden 6 – 3 Finland

Sweden were favourites in this game after winning their group. Finland hasn’t impressed anyone in the group stage. Yet it was Finland who took the lead in the second period. While the first period was goalless we got to see six goals in the second. After a couple of penalties Sweden got a 5-against-3 Powerplay and made no mistake. They’ve had a great Powerplay during the tournament and today special teams would be the difference between the teams. Two quick goals and then another in 5vs5 meant a 3-1 lead for the swedes. However, after mistakes from swedish players Finland could score both 3-2 and 3-3. At the end of the period two more finnish players got penalties. Sweden got to start the third period with another 2-man advantage and could take the lead with 4-3. After that Finland failed to convert at a 4 minute Powerplay and Sweden could instead, shortly after, make it 5-3. The last goal came in open net, which meant 6-3 for Sweden who now will face Russia in the semifinal this Sunday.

Czech Republic 0 – 3 Slovakia

Goliath versus David, and David won, much thanks to Slovakian goaltender Denis Godla. It was a fast paced hockey game with two teams trading chances. Slovakia was the more effective team though and managed to win with 3-0.

Canada 8 – 0 Denmark

Denmark’s journey through the tournament has been interesting to follow and it’s a great success for Danish hockey making it to the playoffs. However, team Canada was a size or two to big for the Danish team who lost with 8 goals. It will be fun to follow team Denmark in the future, both in the junior and senior hockey series. Canada will meet Slovakia in the semifinal.

Results, seventh day of the IIHF World Junior Championships

The last round of the group stage in the IIHF World Junior Championships was played at New Years Eve and here are the results:

Canada 5-3 USA
Germany 0-2 Finland
Switzerland 1-5 Sweden
Russia 1-4 Czech Republic

Analysis of the seventh day:

We enjoyed some great action between Canada and USA yesterday. Fast phased-hard-hitting hockey where Canada managed to wear down their opponents. USA came back in the end but overall Canada was the better team and they are huge favourites for winning the gold medal.

Meanwhile in group A Finland beat Germany with 2-0 and thus grabbed the fourth and last playoff spot.

In group B Sweden made short work out of the swiss with a comfortable 5-1 win. Sweden was already groupwinners while Switzerland’s tournament now is over. Czech Republic finally woke up and beat Russia with 4-1, securing the second place in group B. Russia finished in third place and sensationally, Denmark grabbed the last spot in the playoffs.


The quarterfinals are played January 2nd:

USA vs Russia
Sweden vs Finland
Czech Republic vs Slovakia
Canada vs Denmark

Except for Canada facing Denmark we have some classic rivalries to look forward to: USA and Russia is always fun to watch, even though the Cold War is over. Sweden against Finland is a nordic rivalry while Czechoslovakia now has turned in two countries fighting for glory and prestige – hockey at it’s best!

Our bet is on the following teams reaching the semifinals: USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada.

Results, fifth day of the IIHF World Junior Championships

Two games were played in the IIHF World Junior Championships yesterday and here are the results:

Slovakia 5-2 Germany
Switzerland 3-4 Denmark (after shootouts)

Analysis of the fifth day

This is interesting for the development in both groups. In group A Finland and Germany will play for the last playoff spot where Sweden awaits after winning group B. In group B both Denmark and Switzerland have 4 points in 3rd and 4th place while Czech Republic is lagging behind, having only 1 point. The race for the last playoff spots are still open.

Day six:

Canada vs United States
Germany vs Finland
Switzerland vs Sweden
Russia vs Czech Republic

We’re looking forward to the rival meeting between the both north-atlantic teams, it will be a blast! Finland should beat Germany for the last playoff spot, if they can manage their nerves. Switzerland has everything to win against Sweden who is already the winner of group B. Russia wants to stay in second place in the group, to avoid USA or Canada in the quarterfinal. Czech Republic have to fight for their existence in the tournament. Many tight and uncertain games.

Results, fourth day of the IIHF World Junior Championships

Four games were played in the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championships yesterday and these are the results:

United States 3-0 Slovakia
Finland 1-4 Canada
Czech Republic 3-2 Denmark (overtime)
Sweden 3-2 Russia

Analysis of the fourth day:

While United States and Canada is steamrolling their opponents in group A, group B is tighter. We’re looking forward to the groupfinal between the both north-atlantic teams at new years eve.

Sweden managed to beat Russia after a dramatic third period. The swedes took the lead after the first period while Russia came back in the second period, scoring the equalizer. In the beginning of the third Russia’s Lechenko scored his second goal of the game which also Sweden’s Forsling did three minutes later. With 13 minutes left of the final period the game was a tie. Now a major-drama was unfolded with Russia almost getting the game-leading goal which led to the puck dancing on the goal-line before Swedish goalkeeper Söderström managed to cover it. The situation had to be reviewed by the goal-judge and it probably wasn’t an easy task since the puck almost crossed the goal-line twice. However, the result was a wash-out from the referee: no goal. Instead Sweden could score 3-2 a minute later. Hockey logic! The swedes managed to hold out the remainder of the period and is now heading towards the group win. That means they probably will meet Finland in the quarterfinal, a classic nordic rivalry!

Denmark has the chance to reach the quarterfinal at the expense of Czech Republic or Switzerland.

Day five:

Slovakia vs Germany
Switzerland vs Denmark

Slovakia should beat Germany while both Switzerland and Denmark have something to fight for in their game. It’s an interesting match-up since both teams rely on counterattacks, which works against ”better” teams but seldom on teams that have less puck-possession.

2015 IIHF World Junior Championship

It’s christmas time and as usual that means it’s also time for the 2015 IIHF World Junior Championships. This year the tournament is run in Canada for the 11th time. Montreal and Toronto in Canada will share the hosting. Last time Canada was hosting the Junior Championships was in 2012 when Sweden won the gold medal. Last year the championships was played in Malmö Sweden where Finland won the gold. This year we are hoping for some good hockey-christmas-action!

Schedule and groups

The tournament starts December 26th 2014 and the final is played January 5th 2015. The teams are divided into two groups:

Group A:


Comment: A tough group where we are especially looking forward to the derby between the north atlantic teams. Canada, USA, Finland should go through to the quarter finals (played 2nd of January) but every game is important in this group. Will Slovakia or Germany grab the last spot?

Group B:

Czech Republic

Comment: A softer group, on paper anyways. Russia and Sweden battle for the group victory. Czech Republic and Switzerland will go through while Denmark face elimination.


As mentioned, the quarterfinals are played on January 2nd. The semifinals are played January 4th and the final and bronze-medal-game on January 5th.