The Stanley Cup Round of 16, 2017


The regular season of the National Hockey League (NHL) 2016-17 is over, and the playoffs have started. In this post you will find match-ups for the Round of 16 together with comments. Spring is here, and so are the NHL playoffs!

Stanley Cup Round of 16, 2017

Chicago Blackhawks – Nashville Predators

Comment: The dynasty Chicago will advance from this meeting.

Minnesota Wild – St. Louis Blues

Comment: St Louis Blues still has no Stanley Cup title. Will 2017 be different?

Anaheim Ducks – Calgary Flames

Comment: The Ducks are always strong in the playoffs.

Edmonton Oilers – San Jose Sharks

Comment: Last year’s finalists,- the “beards” from San Jose will probably go far in the 2017 playoffs as well.

Montreal Canadiens – New York Rangers

Comment: Tough resistance for Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers. Can they withstand the pressure at the Bell Center?

Ottawa Senators – Boston Bruins

Comment: This matchup is difficult to predict, but we believe in Boston.

Washington Capitals – Toronto Maple Leafs

Comment: The toughest opponent possible for the Swedish rookie William Nylander and Toronto in the first round, but on the other hand, Washington is known to fold when it is time for the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Penguins – Columbus Blues

Comment: Crosby, Malkin and their henchmen are hoping to repeat last year’s success.

Notably, last year no Canadian team made it to the playoffs. This year four teams have reached the round of 16: Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Vancouver and the Sedin brothers miss the playoffs. Now we’re just waiting to see how many NHL players that will join 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship. According to Sweden’s head coach Rikard Grönborg, things are looking great. The following players have said they will play for The Swedish national team in the 2017 championships:

  • Alexander Edler, Vancouver.
  • Elias Lindholm, Carolina.
  • Joakim Nordström, Carolina.
  • Victor Rask, Carolina.
  • Victor Hedman, Tampa.

Last time Sweden won the Ice Hockey World Championships was in 2013.

2016 Stanley Cup: Round of 16


The regular season of the National Hockey League (NHL) 2015-16 is finished and, as usual, it means that 16 teams have made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. In this post you will get information about match ups, together with predictions.

Stanley Cup 2016, Round of 16

Washington Capitals – Philadelphia Flyers

Comment: Caps, led by Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Bäckstrom has performed well in the series, as usual. But now it’s time for the playoffs, where they have not been able to match their regular season in the recent years. Chances are that “the Philly Flu” will reach the capital before this series is over.

Florida Panthers – New York Islanders

Comment: One of the most interesting match ups beforehand. Two teams that have been struggling for the past years, but have raised their game lately. Islanders have something good going on and the Panthers, led by Czech icon Jaromir Jagr, have showed that there are room for two hockey teams in sunny Florida. At the same time it is one of the more difficult sereis to predict,  it could go either way. Jagr scores the decider in game seven overtime? 🙂

Tampa Bay Lightning – Detroit Red Wings

Comment: Detroit barely reached their 25th straight playoff barely. They got some help from Ottawa who unexpectedly defeated Boston Bruins, even though they had nothing to play for, while Bruins were chasing a playoff spot. The Red Wings have not played convincingly this year and is not the same team as it used to be. However, they have a lot of routine in players like Kronwall, Zetterberg and Datsuyk. Tampa was in the final last year and would normally count as a clear favorite in this series. However, they are plagued by injuries on some of their key players.

Pittsburgh Penguins – New York Rangers

Comment: A prestigious and classic match up. Last year, Swedish forward Carl Hagelin sent home penguins to lethargy in a deciding game. This year, Hagelin will try to do the same for the Penguins who have played a good game at the end of the regular season. If they retain the shape in the playoffs, then Rangers might not advance to the quarter finals this year.

Dallas Stars – Minnesota Wild

Comment: Dallas has as usual done a great job in the regular season, but just as with the Capitals, they often have difficulties to follow it up with equally robust efforts in the playoffs. It will be necessary in order to defeat Minnesota Wild.

Anaheim Ducks – Nashville Predators

Comment: Anaheim Ducks began the season in the worst possible way, but then managed to raise their game. They are a team made for playoffs with robusness, subtlety and some malice. Chances are, in 2016, the Predators will not be at the top of the food chain.

St. Louis Blues – Chicago Blackhawks

Comment: Another team that performed well in the regular season against a classic playoff team. Blues have never won the Stanley Cup and the risk is that they will not advance from the round of 16 against the modern dynasty and current champions Chicago, who always manage to find ways to win important matches.

Los Angeles Kings – San Jose Sharks

Comment: Can the Sharks led by Joe Thornton manages shake of their playoff ghost? The resistance is the toughest possible, with the Kings who are eager for revenge since they, as reigning champions, missed last year’s playoffs. An interesting and difficult series to predict, but it might end with King’s eating shark fin soup in the quarterfinals.

Stanley Cup 2015: Advantage Chicago in the final


In an earlier post, we reported that Tampa Bay had the upper hand in the 2015 Stanley Cup final with a 2-1 lead in the series. However, Chicago has turned the tide and are now in a 3-2 lead. If they win the next game at home in United Center, they are the Stanley Cup Champions 2015.

Two straight 2-1 wins for Chicago

In game four, in United Center, Chicago, the home team got the best start, Jonathan Toews scoring 1-0 on a beautiful assist from Marian Hossa in front of the net. Tampa could tie the game 1-1, before Brandon Saad in Chicago was determined to score, stepping up in front of Tampa’s net, scoring 2-1 with a great individual effort. Going for the equalizer, Steven Stamkos got two great chances to score in the end of the game, but missed an almost open net.

In game five, Ben Bishop was back in Tampa’s net after missing game four due to an injury. In the beginning of the game, Corey Crawford in Chicago’s net almost gave away the go ahead goal to Tampa, giving Kucherov the puck. However, the situation ended with Kucherov being injured after colliding with Crawford and going head-first into the goalpost. He did not return in the game. In the other end, another collision took place: Tampa’s defender Victor Hedman and Ben Bishop went into each other, leaving the net open, Patrick Sharp could score 1-0 for the Blackhawks. Bishop should probably have stayed in goal. Tampa tied the game in the middle of the second period. However, in the third, Chicago scored the decisive 2-1-goal after a rebound on a breakaway. Tampa ended the game with a too-many-players on the ice penalty, having seven players on the ice with the open net.

To keep the series alive, Tampa now has to go to Chicago and get the win, then a game seven at home awaits.

Meanwhile, in the AHL, Manchester Monarchs won the Calder Cup. Monarchs are the affiliate team of Los Angeles Kings.

Stanley Cup 2015: Tampa and Chicago to the final. Fixtures for the games.


The conference finals in this year’s Stanley Cup had to be decided by two game seven after Rangers and Chicago tied the series in the sixth game. Four teams had to be cut down to two that will fight for the Stanley Cup Championship 2015. New York Rangers and Anaheim had the home team advantage against Tampa Bay and Chicago. That didn’t help.

New York Rangers 0-2 Tampa Bay

Goalie Henrik Lundqvist and New York Rangers are known to be hard to beat in game seven. That plus home team advantage in Madison Square Garden was factors that made many, including us, believe in Ranger victory in this decisive game. We were wrong. The first period ended with no goals. Rangers started with some pressure against Tampas net but the feeling was that Lightnings worked their way into the game and got the upper hand. Lundqvist had to do a number of saves on odd bounces. In the second period Rangers got the chance to score in a couple of power plays but didn’t convert. In the third period, they couldn’t resist Tampa’s strong offensive play. Alex Killorn and Ondrej Palat scored a goal each and Rangers none. Game over Rangers, Tampa Bay to the final, fair and square.

Anaheim 3-5 Chicago

Heavy Anaheim Ducks against play off veteran Chicago Blackhawks. Last time the Ducks were in a final was in 2007 when they won against Ottawa. However, they have lost three straight game seven. Chicago was champions in 2010 and 2013. That was then. In game seven of the 2015 conference final Jonathan Toews gave Chicago the go ahead goal in the first period. Later in the same period, they increased the lead to 2-0 in power play. Anaheim got their chances but Corey Crawford in Chicago’s net came out on top with some good saves. One and a half-minute into the second period Chicago scored the third goal of the game. Later on, Marian Hossa showed some football skilled, skating in the puck to 4-0. Anaheim got a comforting goal through Jakob Silfverberg in the end of the second period. In the middle of the third period Anaheim got their hopes up thanks to a beautiful goal by Corey Perry, assisted by Ryan Getzlaf and Patrick Maroon. However, Chicago answered in power play: 5-2. Anaheim got the last goal, making the final score 5-3, but never came closer than that. Chicago won the game thanks to a better goalie and lots of traffic on net. A winning recipe that can make them go all the way this year.

Schedule for the final

Tampa Bay reached the final after finishing fifth in the total NHL standings, third in the eastern conference and second in the atlantic division. In the play offs they eliminated Detroit 4-3, Montreal 4-2 and New York Rangers 4-3.

Chicago reached the final after finishing seventh in the total NHL standings, fourth in the western conference and third in the central division. In the play offs they eliminated Nashville 4-2, Minnesota 4-0 and Anaheim 4-3.

The final games are played the following dates:

3 June: Chicago @ Tampa Bay
6 June: Chicago @ Tampa Bay
8 June: Tampa Bay @ Chicago
10 June: Tampa Bay @ Chicago
13 June: Chicago @ Tampa Bay
15 June: Tampa Bay @ Chicago
17 June: Chicago @ Tampa Bay

Stanley Cup 2015: Both conference finals tied


In the first game of the 2015 Stanley Cup conference finals Anaheim beat Chicago and New York Rangers Tampa Bay. In game two, Rangers struggles as usual while Marcus Krüger scored the decisive goal in overtime in the other game.

New York Rangers 2-6 Tampa Bay (1-1)

This wasn’t Rangers game at all and they have become known to play bad in game two in the playoffs for some reason. Tyler Johnson had a good night for Tampa Bay, scoring a hat-trick. The first of his goals came in a first period 3-against-5 box play(!) when Martin St Louis failed to keep the puck at the blue line. The hat-trick got completed in the second period. Lightnings were more effective, hungry and lethal in this game. The next two games are played in Tampa Bay.

Anaheim 2-3 (ot) Chicago (1-1)

Chicago got a good start in the second conference final, scoring 1-0 and 2-0 in the power play in the first period. However, Anaheim reduced the lead in the first period and tied it thorugh Corey Perry in the end of the second. With five minutes to go of the third period Anaheim got the chance to score the decisive goal when Chicagos Marcus Krüger got a penalty However, the game went to overtime. In one sequence Chicagos Andrew Shaw tried to head in the puck but the goal was not approved. Instead, in the third overtime period, Marcus Krüger could score the decisive goal for Chicago who now have two straight ganes at home.

Triple Gold Club of Hockey

The triple gold club of hockey consists of those players who have won 1. Stanley Cup 2. Olympics and 3. World Championships. The latest addition to the club is Pavel Datsyuk, who became a member when Russia won the 2018 Olympics. When Canada won the gold in WC 2015, Sidney Crosby became the 26th member of the club. He is the only player that has been captain for his team in all three tournaments. When Sweden won their second Olympic hockey gold in the 2006 Winter Olympics, Peter Forsberg became the only player that has won the tournaments two times. Below are all the members, sorted by country. As we can see, Canada and Sweden is in a shared top position in a club that so far only has members from four countries. Finland, USA and Slovakia are trailing behind. Finland and Slovakia lack Olympic gold medals while USA haven’t won the World Championships since 1960 and the Olympics since Miracle on Ice 1980.

Sweden (9)

Tomas Jonsson
Mats Näslund
Håkan Loob
Peter Forsberg
Nicklas Lidström
Fredrik Modin
Niklas Kronwall
Henrik Zetterberg
Mikael Samuelsson

Canada (9)

Rob Blake
Joe Sakic
Brendan Shanahan
Scott Niedermayer
Chris Pronger
Erik Staal
Jonathan Toews
Patrice Bergeron
Sidney Crosby
Corey Perry

Russia (7)

Valerij Kamenski
Alexej Gusarov
Vjateslav Fetisov
Igor Larionov
Alexander Mogilny
Vladmir Malakhov
Pavel Datsyuk

Czech Republic(2)

Jaromir Jagr
Jiri Slegr

The only coach that is a member of the club is Canada’s Mike Babcock.

Stanley Cup 2015: Advantage Rangers and Anaheim in the conference finals


The first game of the conference finals in the 2015 Stanley Cup has been played and the home teams won. New York Rangers got another odd goal, 2-1 win in this year’s play off and Anaheim was led to victory by Swedish forwards Jakob Silfverberg and Hampus Lindholm.

New York Rangers 2-1 Tampa Bay Lightnings (1-0)

Derek Stepan, who scored the decisive goal in the quarterfinal against Washington, began the Rangers goalscoring in the first conference final. With a few seconds to go of the second period, he scored 1-0 on a rebound from Bishop in the Tampa Bay goal. In the third period, Tampa Bay came back and Ondrej Palat tied the game in power play. However, with two and a half minute left of the third period, Dominic Moore “kneed” in the decisive goal, making it 2-1 for the Rangers, which also became the final score. This result is interesting for those of us who like statistics. It was Rangers seventh 2-1 victory (counting full time and overtime) in the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs and their thirteenth straight game where the goal difference was only one goal. Now may be the time to place a bet for match result in the next game. Anyhow, to win the trophy this year, Rangers need to get their goal scoring going. More often than not, goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist (also called “Mr game seven”) has been a wall in the goal, especially when his team needs it the most. Against Chicago or Anaheim, solid goaltending won’t be enough however.

Anaheim Ducks 4-1 Chicago Blackhawks (1-0)

Hampus Lindholm scored the first goal of the game, assisted by Jakob Silfverberg in the middle of the first period, making it 1-0 to the Ducks. This is the first team the teams meet in the play offs. The second goal of the game came four minutes into the second period when Kyle Palmieri scored 2-0. With 40 seconds to go of the period, Brad Richards scored 2-1 on a giveaway, an extremely important goal at this time of the game. However, Anaheim answered in the third period with 3-1. 4-1 came in the open net. Advantage Anaheim, but we will have to wait and see how the seasoned Blackhawks answers to this.

Stanley Cup 2015: Rangers won game seven against Washington


New York Rangers will play the conference final in this years Stanley Cup after winning a dramatic game seven against Washington Capitals in Madison Square Garden. In the next round they will face Tampa Bay who eliminated Calgary in the quarterfinal. In the other conference final Anaheim will face Chicago. Chicken Swedes got four out of four bets right when we predicted the winners from this round.

New York Rangers 2-1 (ot) Washington Capitals

Capitals got a dream start with Russian superstar Alexander Ovechkin’s goal in the middle of the first period. Washington seemed to be in control of the game after the goal, but a pair of unnecessary penalties in the second game changed the game. Kevin Hayes scored 1-1 in the second period. It would take overtime to decide the game. In overtime, Jesper Fast got the puck in the offensive zone, played it back to Keith Yandle at the blue line who served Dan Girardi for a shot. The rebound went to Derek Stepan who could aim and shoot 2-1 for the Rangers for the win. That ends a great series which Washington was in the lead with 3-1 but where Rangers showed excellent moral, coming back and winning three straight games, just like they did against Pittsburgh Penguins last year.

Conference finals

The conference finals in Stanley Cup are the semifinals of the tournament. They are played in series of seven games and the winners reach the final. Anaheim has played a convincing game in the play offs so far and they will play against the veterans Chicago who won the cup in 2010 and 2013. This might be the two best teams that are left and chances are one of them will lift the Stanley Cup trophy this summer. At Chicken Swedes we have our hopes that our national goalie superstar Henrik Lundqvist together with his Swedish team mates Jesper Fast and Carl Hagelin will reach the final and bring home the cup but first they will have to find a way to eliminate Tampa Bays offensive force.

Stanley Cup 2015: Anaheim versus Chicago in the conference final


Corey Perry scored the decisive goal in overtime against Calgary when Anaheim won game five. The total score was 3-2 to Anaheim who will now face Chicago in the conference final / semifinal.

Game 7 between New York Rangers and Washington

Washington also had the chance to decide the quarter final at home. However, the Rangers got a 4-1 lead in the third period and things didn’t look so good for the Capitals. With 12 minutes to go Jevgenij Kuznetsov reduced the lead and two minutes later Joel Ward scored 3-4. The final minutes became intense for Henrik Lundqvist in the Rangers goal, but after 60 minutes of play they were victorious. A final decisive game seven awaits between the two teams in Madison Square Garden.

The winner in game 7 between NY Rangers and Washington will face Tampa Bay Lightning in the conference final. Tampa eliminated Montreal in game 6 after a 4-1 win. Montreal was the last of the four Canadian teams to make the play offs, hence there is no hope for a Stanley Cup title to the proud hockey nation this year. As a comfort, Team Canada is doing very well in the 2015 Ice Hockey World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. They won all seven games in the preliminary round and will play against Belarus in the quarterfinal.


Stanley Cup 2015: Tampa Bay won with just a second to go


In an earlier game of the 2015 Stanley Cup quarter finals, Washington scored the decisive goal with just a second to go. This time, it was Tampa Bay’s turn.

Tampa Bay 2-1 Montreal (3-0)

Tampa Bay got the 3 game lead in the series against Montreal after winning game three at home. The score was 1-1 when Swedish defenseman Victor Hedman launched a brilliant pass to Tyler Johnson who could score his eight goal on the last ten games with just 1,1 seconds left to go in the game. After winning game 1 and 2 away, and now game 3 at home, Lightnings get the shot to decide this series at home in game 4.

Washington 2-1 New York Rangers (3-1)

20 year old Andre Burakovsky, born in Austria, raised in Sweden, scored both Washingtons goal on his countryman Henrik Lundqvist in the Rangers goal, giving Capitals a 3-1 game lead in this series. The Rangers were in a 1-0 lead in the second period and had chances for more when Burakovsky ruined their day, tying the game. In the beginning of the third period, Burakovsky also gave Washington the lead with his second goal and Capitals could then close the game, just like in game 3 which they won 1-0.