Stanley Cup 2015: Both conference finals tied


In the first game of the 2015 Stanley Cup conference finals Anaheim beat Chicago and New York Rangers Tampa Bay. In game two, Rangers struggles as usual while Marcus Krüger scored the decisive goal in overtime in the other game.

New York Rangers 2-6 Tampa Bay (1-1)

This wasn’t Rangers game at all and they have become known to play bad in game two in the playoffs for some reason. Tyler Johnson had a good night for Tampa Bay, scoring a hat-trick. The first of his goals came in a first period 3-against-5 box play(!) when Martin St Louis failed to keep the puck at the blue line. The hat-trick got completed in the second period. Lightnings were more effective, hungry and lethal in this game. The next two games are played in Tampa Bay.

Anaheim 2-3 (ot) Chicago (1-1)

Chicago got a good start in the second conference final, scoring 1-0 and 2-0 in the power play in the first period. However, Anaheim reduced the lead in the first period and tied it thorugh Corey Perry in the end of the second. With five minutes to go of the third period Anaheim got the chance to score the decisive goal when Chicagos Marcus Krüger got a penalty However, the game went to overtime. In one sequence Chicagos Andrew Shaw tried to head in the puck but the goal was not approved. Instead, in the third overtime period, Marcus Krüger could score the decisive goal for Chicago who now have two straight ganes at home.

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