Luleå won Champions Hockey League 2014/15

Luleå Hockey

The final game in the Champions Hockey League were an all-swedish showdown. Played in Luleå between Luleå HF and Frölunda HC it was a battle between northern and southern Sweden. The guest from the south started the game best, scoring 0-1 after only 17 seconds of play. The home team didn’t manage to get their best game going and the first period ended 0-2 to the guests from Gothenburg. The second period was a scoreless tie, however Frölunda were closer to 0-3 than Luleå were to 1-2.

Four goals in the third period

In the third period however, the ice bears from the north woke up from the winter rest and let their fury out over the Indians from Frölunda. 1-2 came with the man advantage eight minutes into the third period. When Frölunda got a five-minute penalty after a stupid check to the head Luleå could score the equalizer 2-2 and take the lead with 3-2 with seven minutes left of the game. The nail in the coffin came from Kukan, shooting from his own end of the rink, hitting the middle of the goal. That made the final score 4-2 and Luleå HF European Champions 2014-15!

Luleås results in the CHL:

Group stage:

Hamburg Freezers 1-4 Luleå HF
Nottingham Panthers 1-10 Luleå HF
Luleå HF 6-o Hamburg Freezers
Luleå HF 9-1 Nottingham Panthers
Luleå HF 3-1 Lukko Rauma
Lukko Rauma 2-0 Luleå HF


Luleå HF 2-4 Red Bull Salzburg
Red Bull Salzburg 5-7 Luleå HF

Lukko Rauma 2-5 Luleå HF
Luleå HF 2-1 Lukko Rauma

Skellefteå AIK 2-2 Luleå HF
Luleå HF 3-2 Skellefteå AIK

Luleå HF 4-2 Frölunda

The future for European Hockey-Clubs?

We hope that the Champions Hockey League will grow and be extended with teams from KHL next season. Maybe the winner could play the Stanley Cup-champions in a series of games? That would unite the hockey-sphere and create some interesting match-ups!

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