Sports Betting

Sports betting

Sports betting holds the distinction of being the oldest known form of gambling in the world. The Greeks can take credit for having arranged the first recorded betting events 2000 years ago. The ancient Greeks were great sport fans and came in droves to attend major sport events like the Olympic, Delphic and Corinthian games. The Olympic Games were different athletic competitions held in the honor of the Greek mythological God Zeus. The Greeks arranged it every four years and it later evolved into the Olympic games of our modern times.

The Romans refined the Greek sport betting tradition and transformed it into a business with the famous gladiator games. Today, sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry, appreciated in the world, but mainly popular in Europe. Internet has in recent times given the sport betting business a dramatic boost and made it more accessible to millions of people. Sport betting is today an integral part of the wider online casino and gambling industry.  The global Sport betting industry keeps growing and is estimated to be worth in the neighborhood of 700 – 1000 billion dollars. It is hard to know the exact size of the industry due to comprehensive regulations and black market activities.

Swedes share the sport passion of the ancient Greeks and few things make Swedes more emotional than a great game of soccer, ice hockey or tennis. On a per capita basis, Sweden is among the most successful sport nations in the world. Unsurprisingly, Sweden holds the distinction of being among the most sport betting happy countries in the world. The Swedish passionate relationship with sport and sport betting is complex and is reminiscent to Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The normally rational and prudent Swede, tends to get emotional and agitated, whenever he or she gets in contact with sport. This has not escaped the attention of the online gambling industry, which caters to the large and increasing number of sport betting happy Swedes.

If you are new in town when it comes to sport betting, then it is advisable to start by getting a broad overview of the vast online market. Sites like offer an excellent introduction to the thriving Swedish online sport betting industry and its many different companies. Invest some time reading reviews of a large number of gaming businesses before you decide where you want to bet your money. The steep competition is forcing online gaming actors to offer customer increasingly more attractive bonuses and welcome packages. New customers including Swedish customers are the kings in town so make sure to compare different offers in order to make sure that you get the best one available. Online sport betting is an integral component of many online casinos. However, some online gambling actors are more prominent than others are in this particular field.

Leading sport betting businesses like the Swedish company Svenska Spel, and the international businesses Betsafe and Unibet offer a wide range of sport betting products for a wide range of tastes and interests. This is a virtual Nirvana for sport betting happy Swedes, where they can combine their passion for their favorite soccer or ice hockey team with betting excitement.

The website is another excellent Swedish information source for online gaming and sport betting. It offers one of the most comprehensive overviews of the Swedish gaming industry and sport betting available online. Remember that the most important thing about sport betting is that it should be fun and entertaining. The site combines Scandinavian minimalist elegance with excellent structure and offers a vast amount of reviews, bonus comparisons and detailed information about the core competencies of the respective gaming companies in the Swedish sport betting industry.

The online sport betting industry in Sweden is following the general trend of increased focus on mobile gaming and social gaming. The future of the sport betting industry is therefore linked to consumer friendly mobile platforms, which enables easy and comfortable betting through smart phones and combines it with social medias like Facebook. Imagine if that dream vacation could be realized. Make a date with the Fortuna goddess and together you can make your dreams come true through the roller coaster excitement known as sports betting.

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