Stanley Cup 2015: Hat-trick by Vladimir Tarasenko


In the second game between St Louis and Minnesota in the 2015 Stanley Cup round of 16, Russian player Vladimir Tarasenko had a good night. He scored three of four goals (Patrik Berglund scored the fourth) when St Louis won with 4-1 at home. The series is now tied and game three will be played in Minnesota. In the other games, Sidney Crosby had a good night with two goals, Tampa Bay outshot Detroit and Jakob Silfverberg scored the decisive goal for Anaheim against Winnipeg with just 21 seconds to go of the game.

(St Louis 4-1 Minnesota) (1-1)

New York Rangers 3-4 Pittsburgh (1-1)

Canadian superstar Sidney Crosby has won the titles many players dream about: IIHF World Junior Championships, the Olympic games and Stanley Cup. In the last Stanley Cup playoffs things have gone a bit heavier for him though. Tonight he was a big reason for Pittsburgh’s victory over Rangers. Crosby led the way with two scored goals. In the end of the game he got hit by Carl Hagelin and became lying on the ice for a while but it should not be an issue in game 3, which is played in Pittsburgh.

Tampa Bay 5-1 Detroit (1-1)

In game one Detroit managed to get the win after rookie goaltender Petr Mrazek did 44 saves. However, in game two the Czech goalkeeper looked a bit more human, with a save percentage of 77,8%. Tampa Bay outshot the Red Wings 46-14 and won fair and square. It will be interesting to see what Detroit can do about Tampas brilliant offensive play in game 3 at home. At the same time, Detroit have to step up and get their own offensive game going. The story continues in Joe Louis Arena…

Anaheim 2-1 Winnipeg (2-0)

Winnipeg lost another lead in game two. With ten minutes to go they were in a one-goal-lead. Patrick Maroon managed to score the equalizer and many people thought the game was going to overtime. However, a Swedish 21-year old forward named Jakob Silfverberg had other plans. With 21 seconds to go in the third period, he scored the decisive goal behind Ondrej Pavalec. Game three is played in Winnipeg, Canada. While Anaheim has had the edge in the third period, the gut-feeling is that Winnipeg can change this series at home..

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