Results: Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, women’s 30 km


Today was the last event for the women in the Nordic Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden 2015: 30 km classic. Many names we’ve learnt to know a bit better during the championships were there to fight for three more medals: Kalla, Björgen, Johaug, Bleckur, Kowalczyk, Niskanen, Saarinen, Weng and more.

The queen is dead, all hail the queen

Early in the race, Norway’s Therese Johaug put a great distance between her and the rest of the skiers. Noone matched her and the distance just kept growing during the race. The finnish ladies tried to win some seconds by ignoring changing skis but that only worked so far. Marit Björgen soon passed them and started the hunt for Johaug. Today she never came close though, Johaug won the gold and Björgen got the silver.

Amazing recovery by Charlotte Kalla

Behind the Norwegians, Charlotte Kalla had a tough day. She fell twice (!) and looked beat after 16 km. However, at the end of the race she got new power and managed to put in a last effort to win the bronze medal. It’s not often you see someone go from looking so tired to suddenly get an energy-boost in a long-distance ski-race.

All in all this was a fun race to watch. The paradigm-shift at the top, the recovery and the tactical move by the Finnish made the last event by the ladies very entertaining and exciting.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to the men’s 50 km.


1) Therese Johaug, Norway1.24,47
2) Marit Björgen, Norway+52,3
3) Charlotte Kalla, Sweden +1.31,6

4) Kertu Niskanen, Sweden +1.55,2
5) Sofia Bleckur, Sweden +2.09,2
6 Stephanie Boehler, Germany +2.36,9
7) Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, Germany +2.45,2
8) Hedi Weng, Norway + 2.45,7
9) Eva Vrabcove-Nyvltova, Czech Republic +2.52,4
10) Ingvild Flugstad Östberg, Norway +3.01,1

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