We summarize: The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil


The 2016 Summer Olympics are over and during two weeks we have enjoyed a great deal of sports in Rio de Janeiro. This was the first time the games was held in South America. Despite doping suspensions, economic troubles and sanitation problems, Brazil could deliver some great sports moment to us this summer. In this post, we summarize the highlights of the 2016 Summer Games:

Peaceful selfie

In the women’s gymnastics, Lee Eun-ju of South Korea and Hong Un-jong of North Korea took a selfie with each other. Their countries are still officially at war and the penalties in North Korea for contacts with South Koreans are harsh. Moments like this really catches the Olympic spirit and give the world hope.

Simone Biles

More gymnastics. The 19 year old US gymnast Biles impressed the world with a total of four gold medals and one bronze.

3x Usain Bolt

Jamaican superstar dominated in the 100 and 200 meters distance, as well as in the 4 x 100 meters relay. Hats off!

2x Mo Farah

Another athlete we have gotten used to during the years is British runner Mo Farah. He won 5000 and 10000 meters at the IAAF World Championship last year, and he repeated the procedure during the 2016 Olympics. Farah aims at participating (and winning) both distances at home in the 2017 World Championship in London.

Brazil’s most important gold

The games got a fairytale finish for the host nation thanks to football superstar Neymar. He scored one goal and the deciding penalty shot in the football final against Germany. A little comfort after the humiliating 1-7 loss at home in the 2014 World Cup semifinals. The soccer gold is of course Brazil’s most important medal since it is their national sport. In fact, the spectators of the Olympic games acted like every sport was football, booing inappropriate during the men’s pole jump for example. Immature and primitive.

Chicken Swedes!

The Swedish women’s soccer team went all the way to the final by playing a mediocre group stage, but acting disciplined in their offensive game, beating the 2012 Olympic and 2015 World Champions USA in the quarter final and Brazil in the semi final on penalties. USA’s goal keeper referred to the Swedes as cowards after the quarterfinal. Swedish coach Pia Sundhage answered “I don’t give a damn, they are going home and we are going to Rio!”

Selected World Records

  • Sarah Sjöström, Sweden, finally won her first Olympic gold medal and broke the world record in 100 meters butterfly. Sjöström also won a gold and a silver medal at freestyle swimming.
  • Almaz Ayana got the first world record of the athletics at the Olympic Stadium. She slaughtered the old record in women’s 10 000 meters with over 14 seconds.
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