Tour de ski 2015

The 2015 ski year starts with Tour de Ski 3rd – 11th of January – a part of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup that ends with a race up a downhill ski slope (!) As we write this the men have just finished five of the seven stages of the competition and the ladies are about to start their fifth. On the women’s side , there are quadruple Norwegian in the lead, sovereign Marit Björgen at the top. Petter Northug, Norway, is the leader in the men’s competition followed by Sweden’s Calle Halfvarsson , Norwegian Sundby and Russian Belov .

Finishing uphill pursuit

After the women’s 15 km freestyle pursuit today, these stages of the competition are left:

Saturday, January 10 :

Women : 10 km mass start classic freestyle
Men 15 km pursuit , classic freestyle

Sunday, January 11 :

Women : 9 km Final Climb Free technique, pursuit
Men: 9 km Final Climb Free technique, pursuit

The riders who leads the tour start the climbing , while the other , depending on their total score will start some time after. On the women’s side has Björgen over a minute and a half down to Weng in second place and looks to go towards a certain victory . The men’s competition is more uncertain since Northug , who is 7 seconds ahead of Halfvarsson, is not known to be a good climber. It will be an open and interesting finish to the race this Sunday!

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