The sports year 2017


In this post we look forward to the major sports events of 2017. Although this year is a kind of middle year between the “super” sports year of 2016 (Euro 2016, Summer Olympics and World Cup of Hockey) and 2018 (Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup in Russia), we have been able to pick out some raisins from the cookie so to say. As this post is being written, USA just won the World Ice Hockey Juniors of 2016-17 and Tour de Ski just finished.

Major sports events of 2017

M = men, W = women.

January 16-29: Handball World Championship in France, M.
February 6-19: Alpine World Championships in Switzerland
February 21-March 5: FIS Nordic Ski World Championships in Lahtis, Finland.
March 5: Vasa Race
March – October: FIFA World Cup qualifiers, M.
March 31 – April 7: IIHF Ice Hockey Championships in USA, W.

May 5-21: IIHF Ice Hockey Championships in France and Germany, M.
June 3: Champions League final in Cardiff, England, M
June 16-30: U21 UEFA Soccer Championships, in Poland, M (Sweden is current champions)
July 15-30: FINA Swimming World Championships in Budapest, Hungary
July 16-August 6: UEFA Soccer Championships in Holland, W

December 1-17: Handball World Championship in Germany, W
December 26, 2017 – January 5, 2018: Ice Hockey World Juniors, Buffalo USA, M
December 30, 2017 – January 7, 2018: Tour de Ski

At Betbonus, we will mainly focus on football/soccer, skiing and ice-hockey. We are especially looking forward to the Nordic Ski World Championships in Finland this winter. While the summer contains some interesting football tournaments, we will also follow the qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup during the year. Sweden did not manage to qualify to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and are re-building a new generation team under a new coach, without the superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Back to a basic 4-4-2! While the fall is kind of empty, the winter of 2017-18 will be more rewarding with loads of winter sports, including the Olympic Games in South Korea.

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