Team USA won the 2015 IIHF Women’s World Championship

USA ladies ice hockey

North America keep their dominance in the women’s major hockey tournaments, with the European teams trailing behind. In the semifinals of the 2015 Women’s World Championship in Malmö, Sweden, USA won against Russia 13-1 and Canada beat Finland 3-0.

USA won the gold, Finland got the bronze

The final game between Candada and USA was dramatic. USA were ahead 5-2 in the second period but before the middle act was over, Canada had tied the game 5-5. However, in the third and last period, team USA were the stronger team and managed to get the tournament win with two goals, winning the final game 7-5. In the bronze game Finland won against Russia with 4-1. These results give a good picture over how the international women’s hockey are positioned right now. Canada and USA are in the top, and they have been there in all world tournaments and olympics except for the 2006 Torino games where Sweden managed to beat USA in the semifinals which led to a silver medal. Of the European teams Finland has a clear advantage right now. Comparing the semifinals, losing 3-0 to Canada is nothing to be ashamed by while Russia let in 13 goals against USA. Behind these four teams come Sweden and Switzerland. Sweden has not been able to build on the success in the 2006 olympics and sadly the team consists of amateur players who only can play hockey part-time.

Until the European teams create some sort of professional incitement for the female players they will continue to battle for the bronze medals. And it is doubtful if they can continue to take pride in calling themself the most equal countries in the world. Not in hockey town anyway..

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