Surebet calculator


Here you’ll find everything you need to know about surebets. With the help of our surebet calculator below you can calculate the correct stakes for each outcome of your bets. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with how odds work, please visit our beginners section first. There you learn the difference between fraction and decimal odds.

What is a surebet?

A surebet is when you bet on different outcomes on the same game on multiple sportsbetting-sites. On some games the odds are so good you can be guaranteed a profit regardless of the final outcome on the event.

How can the surebet calculator help me?

Try the following example in the surebet calculator below: You find these odds on three different sites for the game between Manchester United and Manchester City:
Home win: 3x
Tie: 2,8x
Away win: 3,5x
You have 300 euro/dollars/pounds. Now, how should you bet these money?

As you can see, the surebet calculator shows you how much profit you are guaranteed when you bet on the different outcomes (in the above example 2,44%). Now, repeat this on all surebets you find and watch your stack of cash grow! It’s better than bank interest for sure!

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