Ice Hockey World Championships 2015: Jaromir Jagr scored again

Czech Republic superstar and veteran, 43 year old Jaromir Jagr scored for the second game/day in a row when the Czechs beat Latvia with 4-2. He also scored yesterday when Czech Republic lost to Sweden after a shootout. Latvia, who lost to Canada with 6-1 yesterday, got a good start of tonights game, taking the 1-0 lead. The teams followed each other to 2-2 in the second period. However, too many penalties for Latvia (including one 5 minute major for spearing) made Czech Republic being able to score 2-2 and 3-2. Jagr scored the 3rd goal. Goaltender Salak was replaced after Lativa’s second goal and will probably be the second keeper in the rest of this tournament. Voracek scored 4-2 in the last period. Czech Republic’s next game will be against Canada on Monday.

Slovakia beat Denmark after shootout

Denmark were in the lead with 1-0 against Slovakia before the third period. Then game a goal explosion. Slovakia tied the game and went ahead by 2-1. Denmark scored 2-2 half a minute later. 14 seconds later Slovakia went up in a 3-2 lead. With two minutes left of the game, Denmark managed to tie the game once again. The overtime period was goalless and Slovakia could win the game after the shootout. Important point for Denmark. Questionable first game by Slovakia who almost have the home team advantage since they are playing their games in Ostrava near the border.

Austria scored a late equalizer against Switzerland

Austria is new to the highest division in the World Championships this year. In the game against Switzerland the teams followed each other to 2-2 a bit into the thir period before Matthias Bieber could give Switzerland the lead with 9 minutes to go. However, with less than one minute to go Michael Raffl, assisted by Thomas Raffl could score tie the game which went to a scoreless overtime. In the shootout Austria’s Konstantin Komarek scored the decisive penalty shot and Switzerland once again show that they have troubles playing against weaker teams.

Other results

The score between Germany and France were 1-1 when Patrick Reimer scored the game-winning goal for Germany with less than a minute left to go. Norway took the lead against team USA who came back and won an odd-goal 2-1 victory. Belarus won against Slovenia 4-2. Slovenian superstar Anze Kopitar got one assist in the game.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to Sweden versus Austria. Will Austria manage to get another victory or will Three Crowns come out as the stronger team?

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