Channel One Cup 2015 schedule

Tre Kronor

It is time for the second tournament of the Euro Hockey Tour 2015-16: Channel One Cup. Sweden won the first part of the tour by defeating Finland in the last game of Karjala Cup. Channel One Cup 2015 is played in Russia and Czech Republic December 17-20. Below you find the schedule for all games. Euro Hockey Tour is a yearly tournament where Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden and Russia face each other in a series of hockey games.

Schedule, Channel One Cup 2015

Thursday, December 17:

Czech Republic-Finland

Saturday, December 19:

Sweden-Czech Republic

Sunday, December 20:

Russia-Czech Republic

Russia have the home team advantage

Sweden have nominated the players that will try to repeat the success in Karjala Cup. However, some key forwards have dropped out for various reasons. Without leading players like Joel Lundqvist, Jimmie Ericsson and Anton Rödin, the offensive will probably suffer a bit. Since Russia has the home team advantage they will have to be hold as the favourites in this tournament. Speaking of home team, the 2016 World Ice Hockey Championships are held in Russia. It will be interesting to see if Canada will put a similar team on the ice as they did last year in Czech Republic, with players like Sidney Crosby, Claude Giroux etc. If they do, can Russia or some of the other nations match them better this time?

World Juniors 2016

We look forward to some great hockey this Christmas as well when the World Juniors 2015-16 are decided in Finland. Chicken Swedes will of course report from the tournament with updates and match reports. Today, Sweden’s team was nominated and we look forward to see young talents prove their worth in the tournament that always bring us entertainment and excitement. In Sweden we are especially curious to see what the brothers Alexander and William Nylander (sons of Michael Nylander) can do on the ice. William Nylander is destined to be a star in the National Hockey League, but currently spend his time in AHL.

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