Champions League final 2015: odds

June 6, at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Juventus and Barcelona will play the 2015 Champions League final. While Barcelona are favourites to win to the odds of 1,6, Juventus are underdogs at 6.0. A draw is played at 4.0. How then, are these odds treated the best way? Let us see what we have on the pitch. An Italian team with solid defences versus an offensive Spanish team with a Neymar-Messi-Suárez trio on top. There are a few possible scenarios based on the two teams current season:


Juventus won the Italian league Serie A with a large margin and they recently also won Coppa Italia. They haven’t really been tested in the Champions League this year, except for the semifinal against Real Madrid. Now, if you can beat Real Madrid you can probably beat Barcelona too. However, Barcelona have been the better Spanish team in La Liga this year, winning both the league and the cup. Italian teams are known for they great defenses and can win and outmaneuver any team with just a 1-0 lead. Juventus have four losses in this season, three in the Italian league and one against Atlético Madrid in the Champions League group stage.


Few teams in modern history could have matched such an offensive as Barcelona’s Luis Suárez, Neymar and Lionel Messi. They have run over and won against most of their opponents this season. In 2014-15 Barcelona have five losses, one against Real Madrid away in La Liga and three against middle placed teams in the league. The last loss came in the Champions League semifinal against Bayern Münich but it was in an already decided series. As noted above, Barcelona have won two titles this season and have the chance of a third.

So where does this information takes us? First goal wins! If Juventus can manage to move the pressure up field and score an early goal, then they will probably withstand Barcelona’s offensive rushes. However, they will not be able to play on a 0-0 score for long so there is no point in betting at the draw. If Barcelona get the quick go-ahead goal, they will surely get the second and third as well. Be sure to pick up a good deposit bonus from one of our partner sites and make some money while you enjoy good football!

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