Champions League 2014/15: Juventus vs Barcelona in the final

June 6 2015 the final in Champions League 2014/15 is played at the Olympic stadium in Berlin, Germany. In the final Italy will face Spain as Juventus and Barcelona fight for the tournament win. Juventus managed to beat the champions from last year, Real Madrid, in the semifinal while Barcelona eliminated Bayern Munich.

Juventus won unexpectedly against Real Madrid

Not many believed that Juventus could outlast Real Madrid in game two, despite getting a 2-1 victory in the first game at home. A 1-0 victory would be enough for Ronaldo and his friends, and they wont play a game in Santiago without scoring at least one goal. They good a good start, with Ronaldo scoring a penalty shot in the 23rd minute. However, one goal wasn’t enough for Real today, they would have to score two since former Real player Alvaro Morata scored the equalizer in the 57th minute. The Italians then managed to close the game and went ahead to the final with a total score of 3-2 from both legs. A superstitious person would have said that it was a cursed minute 57 that made Real Madrid failing to reach the final this year. A more down-to-earth person would say that their individual skills couldn’t match Juventus team skills.

Barcelona beat Bayern

Former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola would try to beat his old team with the German team machine Bayern Munich. In the first leg they almost made it, until Lionel Messi woke up in minute 77. Two goals in the lap of three minutes and another one by Neymar ten minutes later made things much harder for Bayern. In game two they got a bit of hope with an early 1-0 lead seven minutes into the first half. However, the offensive ambitions created holes in their defenses and a team with qualities like Barcelona will take advantage of that. Neymar scored 1-1 in the 15th minute and 2-1 in the 29th. Despite two goals by Bayern and a win in the second leg, they failed to reach the final against a sovereign opponent.

Juventus vs Barcelona in the final

The final will be an interesting game. Barcelona have reached it by winning group F before Paris SG, Ajax and Apoel. In the round of 16 they beat Manchester City, in the quarterfinal Paris SG and as noted above, in the semifinal Bayern Munich. Juventus reached the final after getting second place in group A which Atlético won. Olympiakos got third spot and Swedish Malmö FF placed last with 3 points. In the round of 16 Juventus beat Borussia Dortmund and in the quarterfinal Monaco. Not bad teams but neither the cream of the crop. However, in the semifinal Juventus showed that they earn a place in the final by beating last years champions Real Madrid. The final is Juventus first since 2003. Barcelona’s forward Suarez and Juventus defender Chiellini will meet for the first time since World Cup 2014 where Suarez got suspended for biting the Italian defender.

Who will win the final then? We place our money on Barcelona FC. They have such a sophisticated offensive play that Juventus won’t be able to shut down. Neymar, Messi and Suarez will not only bite, but eat the Juventus defenses..

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