Barcelona FC won Champions League 2014/15

Camp Nou

Barcelona FC were favourites against Juventus in the 2015 Champions League-final. They did not disappoint anyone and won 3-1. Thanks to Ivan Rakitic’s goal they got the start they wanted. Juventus stayed in the game though, much thanks to veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

Juventus tied the game in the second half

Juventus played a good defensive game, but had a hard time creating something offensively. In the 55th minute they got the change though: Carlos Tévez shot the ball and Álvaro Morata did no mistake on the rebound, making it 1-1. The match was now an open story and one could sense some nervously Barcelona players. Then, their superstars stepped forward. Lionel Messi drove forward with the ball, taking the shot. Buffon’s rebound went left, straight on the feet of Luis Suárez who could give Barcelona the 2-1 lead in minute 68. Neymar got the chance a while later but his header were disapproved since the ball also touched his arm. A good and correct call by the referees. However, at stoppage time, Neymar got his second chance of the game, scoring 3-1 Barcelona, which also became the final result. The Spanish offensive 4-4-3 lineup beat Italian defensive 4-4-2.


After the 2015 Champions League final, two great players will leave the European top football: Barcelona’s Xavi and Juventu’s Andrea Pirlo. From this night, we will remember them in a great game that was decided by solid play. We could enjoy some great football, forgetting FIFA scandals and bribes. Seeing the world’s best players on the field at the Olympic stadium in Berlin, we could sense hope that a dream about a clean sport that ties people together instead os separating them, will come true. If that is going to happen, we have to treat and care for the sport. Football can and will bring countries, people and cultures closer to each other. It is the symbol of a united world of justice, where the team that is at their best for today will win the trophy this time.

Champions Leauge-winners the last 10 years

2014-15: Barcelona
2013-14: Real Madrid
2012-13: Bayern Munich
2011-12: Chelsea
2010-11: Barcelona
2009-10: Inter
2008-09: Barcelona
2007-08: Manchester United
2006-07: Milan
2005-06: Barcelona

Betbonus will return with reports from Champions League 2015/16. Stay with us!

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