Results, third day of the IIHF World Junior Championships

The third day of the IIHF World Junior Championships has come to an end and this is the results:

United States 6-0 Germany
Switzerland 0-7 Russia

Analysis of the third day

Germany is clearly the punching bag of group A while we really thought Switzerland should have stand up better against Russia in group B.

Day four

Tonight we are looking forward to some interesting match-ups:

United States vs Slovakia
Finland vs Canada
Czech Republic vs Denmark
Sweden vs Russia

We are expecting the North American teams to win but neither Finland or Slovakia will give in without a fight in group A which is truly a hornest’s nest. In group B Sweden and Russia is fighting for the top position while Czech Republic is playing Denmark for a spot in the playoffs. Denmark have one point already after losing to Russia at shootouts and Czech Republic have two straight losses which means the danes actually have the edge in this game.

After this round we should get a more clear picture of how good (or bad!) the teams in the tournament really are. Neither Sweden or Canada have really been tested yet.

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