Results, World Handball Championship quarterfinals 2015

The quarterfinals of the Men’s World Handball Championship are finished and here are the results:

Croatia 22-24 Poland

Comment: Poland, who beat Sweden in the Round of 16, continue to progress through the tournament.

Qatar 26-24 Germany

Comment: The host nation have a mix of foreign player with a Qatar passport. They created justice in this game, beating Germany who got a wild card spot in the tournament.

Denmark 24-25 Spain

Comment: A tight game where Spain drew the longest straw.

Slovenia 23-32 France

Comment: France haven’t really been tested in this tournament yet.


The semifinals are played Friday January 30.

Poland – Qatar

Comment: Here but no longer for Qatar. Poland has played good beating Sweden and Croatia in the playoffs.

Spain – France

Comment: The winner of this game will probably win the tournament. Our guess is Spain will take it since they have faced more qualified opponents in the playoffs, thus having a good match phase in the team.

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