Results, Round of 16 Men’s Handball Championship 2015

The Round of 16 in the Men’s Handball Championship 2015 is done and here are the results:

Austria 27-29 Qatar
Slovenia 30-28 Macedonia
Spain 28-20 Tunisia
Croatia 26-25 Brazil
Germany 23-16 Egypt
Iceland 25-30 Denmark
France 33-20 Argentina
Poland 24-20 Sweden

Quarterfinals schedule

The quarterfinals are played January 28th.

Croatia – Poland

Comment: A tough game between two strong teams. Poland came up strong against the Olympic silver medalist Sweden in the Round of 16.

Denmark – Spain

Comment: Another game between two handball-giants.

Qatar – Germany

Comment: Here but no further for the host nation Qatar.

Slovenia – France

Comment: France should get a comfortable ride to the semifinal.

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