Results, 2015 World Men’s Handball Championship – group stage

The group stage of the 2015 World Men’s Handball Championship in Qatar is over and the Round of 16 is played January 25th and 26th. Below are the schedule.

Round of 16

January 25th

Croatia vs Brazil

Comment: Croatia won their group and are favourites against the South Americans.

Austria vs Qatar

Comment: The home team Qatar made it to the playoffs. Perhaps the home crowd can carry them to the quarterfinals.

Spain vs Tunisia

Comment: Spain should win this game easy.

Slovenia vs Macedonia

Comment: This game can end in any way.

January 26th

Poland vs Sweden

Comment: Sweden finished second in their group. They are favourites against Poland.

Germany vs Egypt

Comment: Germany got a wild card to the tournament and are now in the playoffs. Egypt is a strong, physical team to play but the Germans should be able to reach the quarterfinals.

Iceland vs Denmark

Comment: Denmark are favourites in this game against their nordic neighbours.

France vs Argentina

Comment: France won their group after beating Sweden in the group final. They should be able to fend off Argentina relatively easily.

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