Germany vs Argentina in the World Cup final 2014

It’s time for the final in the World Cup in Brazil 2014. In the last game Germany will face Argentina. Will the germans get their first tournament win since the 1996 european championships or will Lionel Messi lift the trophy for his Argentina? The game is played on sunday 13th of July.

Germany are favourites

Germany has to stand as a favourite in the final since their brilliant 7-1 victory over Brazil in the semi-final. However, they must still make their best game in the tournament so far to beat Argentina who beat Netherlands on penalty shots after a goal-less game. Argentina needs to shape up their offensive if they are to win the game. Defensively they made a brilliant game against Netherlands. In the final they can’t rely on 0-0 though. Sooner or later the broad German squad will find a way to score. Superstar Lionel Messi needs to play his best game if the South Americans are to win this. In the semi-final german attacker Miroslav Klose beat the former brazilian player Ronaldo’s record of most goals in the world championships with his 16th goal. The question is, will he have his 17th goal in the final against Argentina, in Brazil?

While Germany’s way to the final has been a bit more straight forward, Argentina has swayed a bit up and down. However, in the last game, none of this matter. It is 90 minutes of Football that will separate these two teams and crown the 2014 World Champions.

Battle for the bronze

Saturday 12th of July Brazil will face Netherlands in the game for 3rd place. It’s Brazil’s chance to restore some honor after the humiliating loss in the semi-final. They have to stand as favourites in the game since Netherlands may not have the same motivation after being so close to go all the way again (they finished 2nd in the 2010 world championships).